science fiction

Title Type Date Platform Names Characters Series
Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus Book 1831-10-31 Mary Shelley Frankenstein's Monster, Victor Frankenstein
Rappaccini's Daughter Story 1844-12 Nathaniel Hawthorne
Galaxy Science Fiction, October 1950 Periodical 1950-10 H. L. Gold
Galaxy Science Fiction, November 1950 Periodical 1950-11 H. L. Gold
Galaxy Science Fiction, December 1950 Periodical 1950-12 H. L. Gold
The Boy who Bullies Me was Taken Over by an Alien Comic Pompmaker1
Galaxy Science Fiction, January 1951 Periodical 1951-01 H. L. Gold
10,000 Light-Year Binoculars Comic Narumi Arata
Journey to the Center of the Earth Book 1864 Jules Verne
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Book 1886-01-05 Robert Louis Stevenson Dr. Henry Jekyll, Mr. Edward Hyde
The Time Machine Book 1895-05-07 H. G. Wells
The Island of Doctor Moreau Book 1896-05 H. G. Wells
The Invisible Man Book 1897 H. G. Wells
Herland Book 1915 Charlotte Perkins Gilman
A Princess of Mars Book 1917-10-10 Edgar Rice Burroughs Dejah Thoris, John Carter of Mars, Tars Tarkas
Science Wonder Stories, June 1929 Periodical 1929-06 Hugo Gernsback
Marooned Off Vesta Story 1939-03 Isaac Asimov
The Weapon Too Dreadful to Use Story 1939-05 Isaac Asimov
Black Destroyer Story 1939-07 A. E. van Vogt
Trends Story 1939-07 Isaac Asimov
Changer of Destiny Story 1940-03 Hugh Langley
Pioneer into the Unknown Story 1940-03 Bert Lexington
Arena Story 1944-06 Fredric Brown
Nineteen Eighty-Four Book 1949-06-08 George Orwell
The Martian Chronicles Book 1950-05-04 Bantam Books, Ian Miller, Ray Bradbury
Contagion Story 1950-10 Katherine MacLean
Darwinian Pool Room Story 1950-10 Isaac Asimov
Later Than You Think Story 1950-10 Fritz Leiber
The Stars Are the Styx Story 1950-10 Theodore Sturgeon
Third from the Sun Story 1950-10 Richard Matheson
Time Quarry Book 1950-10 Clifford D. Simak
Coming Attraction Story 1950-11 Fritz Leiber, Paul Calle
Honeymoon in Hell Story 1950-11 Fredric Brown
Misbegotten Missionary Story 1950-11 Isaac Asimov
To Serve Man Story 1950-11 Damon Knight, David Stone
Transfer Point Story 1950-11 Anthony Boucher, Paul Pierre
A Stone and a Spear Story 1950-12 Raymond F. Jones
Jaywalker Story 1950-12 Ross Rocklynne
Judas Ram Story 1950-12 James Vincent, Sam Merwin, Jr.
Second Night of Summer Story 1950-12 Don Hunter, James H. Schmitz
The Waker Dreams Story 1950-12 Richard Matheson
The Fire Balloons Story 1951 Ray Bradbury
The Stars, Like Dust Book 1951 Isaac Asimov
Dark Interlude Story 1951-01 Fredric Brown, Mack Reynolds
Made to Measure Story 1951-01 William Campbell Gault
Rule of Three Story 1951-01 Theodore Sturgeon
Susceptibility Story 1951-01 John D. MacDonald
The Reluctant Heroes Story 1951-01 Frank M. Robinson
And It Comes Out Here Story 1951-02 Lester del Rey
Man of Distinction Story 1951-02 Fredric Brown
The Fireman Story 1951-02 Ray Bradbury
Good Night, Mr. James Story 1951-03 Clifford D. Simak
Socrates Story 1951-03 John Christopher
The Other Now Story 1951-03 Murray Leinster
The Wind Between the Worlds Story 1951-03 Lester del Rey
Inside Earth Story 1951-04 Poul Anderson
Nice Girl with 5 Husbands Story 1951-04 Fritz Leiber
Twelve Times Zero Story 1952-01-07 Howard Browne
Noise Level Story 1952-12 Raymond F. Jones
I am Legend Book 1954-07 Richard Matheson
The Tunnel Under the World Story 1955-01 Frederik Pohl
The Vilbar Party Story 1955-01 Evelyn E. Smith
Too Far Story 1955-09 Fredric Brown
Venus Plus X Book 1960-09 Pyramid Publications, Inc., Theodore Sturgeon Charlie Johns, Philos
Rogue Moon Book 1960-11 Algis Budrys
Stranger in a Strange Land Book 1961-06-01 Robert A. Heinlein
The Last Man on Earth Movie 1964-03-08 Franca Bettoia, Sidney Salkow, Ubaldo Ragona, Vincent Price Dr. Robert Morgan, Ruth Collins
Robinson Crusoe on Mars Movie 1964-06-17 Adam West, Byron Haskin, Ib Melchior, John C. Higgins, Paul Mantee, Victor Lundin Colonel Dan McReady, USAF, Commander Christopher "Kit" Draper, USN, Friday
Charlie's Law Story 1967-01 James Blish Charles Evans, James T. Kirk
Star Trek Book 1967-01 James Blish
Star Drek Story 1967-02 Ruth Berman James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Nyota Uhura, Spock
Spock Shock Source 1967-09 Sherna Comerford
Mission to Horatius Book 1999-02 Mack Reynolds James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy
Star Trek 2 Book 1968-02 James Blish
Birth of a Salesman Story 1968-03 James Tiptree, Jr.
God and the Vulcan Mind Essay 1968-04 Joyce Yasner
My Name Is Not Paul Story 1968-04 Margaret Dominick Spock
Mamma Come Home Story 1968-06 James Tiptree, Jr.
Help Story 1968-10 James Tiptree, Jr.
Faithful to Thee, Terra, in Our Fashion Story 1969-01 James Tiptree, Jr.
Beam Us Home Story 1969-04 James Tiptree, Jr.
Star Trek 3 Book 1969-04 James Blish
The Snows Are Melted, the Snows Are Gone Story 1969-11 James Tiptree, Jr.
Spock Must Die! Book 1970-02 James Blish Spock
The Man Doors Said Hello To Story 1970-12 James Tiptree, Jr.
Intersection Point Story 1971-04 Juanita Coulson James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Montgomery Scott, Spock
Star Trek 4 Book 1971-07 James Blish
The Peacefulness of Vivyan Story 1971-07 James Tiptree, Jr.
Painwise Story 1972-02 James Tiptree, Jr.
Star Trek 5 Book 1972-02 James Blish
And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side Story 1972-03 James Tiptree, Jr.
Star Trek 6 Book 1972-04 James Blish
Star Trek 7 Book 1972-07 James Blish
Star Trek 8 Book 1972-11 James Blish
Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home Book 1973-07 Ace Books, Harry Harrison, James Tiptree, Jr.
Star Trek 9 Book 1973-08 James Blish
Beginning Story 1973-09 Joan Marie Verba
Star Trek 10 Book 1974-02 James Blish
Zardoz Movie 1974-02-06 Charlotte Rampling, John Alderton, John Boorman, Niall Buggy, Sara Kestelman, Sean Connery Arthur Frayn, Consuella, Friend, May, Zed
Star Trek Log One Book 1974-06 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Log Two Book 1974-08 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Log Three Book 1974-12 Alan Dean Foster
Enterprise Incidents 1 Periodical 1975 Beth Hallam, Helen McCarthy, ScoTpress, Sheila Clark
Recant - and Die Story 1975 Sheila Clark James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Spock
The Haggis Story 1975 Sheila Clark Hikaru Sulu, Leonard McCoy, Montgomery Scott
Star Trek Log Four Book 1975-02 Alan Dean Foster Kor
Star Trek 11 Book 1975-04 James Blish
Star Trek Log Five Book 1975-07 Alan Dean Foster
Enterprise Incidents 2 Periodical 1976 Judy Miller, Michael Cleaver, Sandy Sapatka, ScoTpress, Sheila Clark
Star Trek Log Six Book 1976-02 Alan Dean Foster
The Enchanted Pool Story 1976-03 Marcia Ericson Spock
Inferno Book 1976-05 Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven
Star Trek Log Eight Book 1976-07 Alan Dean Foster
Spock, Messiah! Book 1976-09 Charles A. Spano, Jr., Theodore R. Cogswell James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Pavel Chekov, Spock
The Star Trek Reader Book 1976-10 James Blish
The Star Trek Reader II Book 1977 James Blish
Star Trek Log Nine Book 1977-01 Alan Dean Foster
The Truth Machine Book 1977-01 Christopher Cerf, Jane Clark, Random House, Sharon Lerner
The Price of the Phoenix Book 1977-07 Myrna Culbreath, Sondra Marshak James T. Kirk, Romulan Commander, Spock
Planet of Judgment Book 1977-08 Joe Haldeman Christine Chapel, Hikaru Sulu, James T. Kirk, Joanna McCoy, Leonard McCoy, Montgomery Scott, Spock
The Star Trek Reader III Book 1977-09 James Blish
Star Trek 12 Book 1977-11 J. A. Lawrence, James Blish
Star Trek: The New Voyages 2 Book 1978-01 Bantam Spectra, Myrna Culbreath, Sondra Marshak
The Sleeping God Story 1978-01 Jesco von Puttkamer
The Star Trek Reader IV Book 1978-03 James Blish
Mudd's Angels Book 1978-05 Bantam Books, J. A. Lawrence Harcourt Fenton Mudd
The Galileo 7 Book 1978-05 Bantam Books, Oliver Crawford, S. Bar-David Spock
Vulcan! Book 1978-09 Bantam Books, David Gerrold, Kathleen Sky James T. Kirk, Katalya Tremain, Leonard McCoy, Spock
Found! Story 1978-10 Isaac Asimov
Invisible Stripes Story 1978-10 Ron Goulart
Time Warp Story 1978-10 Theodore Sturgeon
Valley of the Kilns Story 1978-10 James B. Hall
Controlled Experiment Story 1978-11 Rick Conley
The Chessmen Story 1978-11 William G. Shepherd
The Starless World Book 1978-11 Bantam Books, Gordon Eklund
The Weariest River Story 1978-11 Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
A Hiss of Dragon Story 1978-12 Gregory Benford, Marc Laidlaw
A Thousand Deaths Story 1978-12 Orson Scott Card
Body Game Story 1978-12 Robert Sheckley
Count the Clock That Tells the Time Story 1978-12 Harlan Ellison
And Whether Pigs Have Wings Story 1979-01 Nancy Kress
New Is Beautiful Story 1979-01 Tony Holkham
Newton's Gift Story 1979-01 Paul J. Nahin Isaac Newton
To Race the Wind Story 1979-01 Jack C. Haldeman II
Trek to Madworld Book 1979-01 Bantam Spectra, David Gerrold, Enric Torres-Prat, Stephen Goldin Enowil, James T. Kirk, Metika Spyroukis
Lobotomy Shoals Story 1979-02 Juleen Brantingham
The Ancient Mind at Work Story 1979-02 Suzy McKee Charnas
The Blizzard Machine Story 1979-02 Dean Ing
World Without End Book 1979-02 Bantam Books, Joe Haldeman
Down & Out on Ellfive Prime Story 1979-03 Dean Ing
Hell Creatures of the Third Planet Story 1979-03 Stephen Robinett
The Eyes on Butterflies' Wings Story 1979-03 Patrice Duvic
The Great Moveway Jam Story 1979-03 John Keefauver
Unaccompanied Sonata Story 1979-03 Orson Scott Card
Galatea Galante Story 1979-04 Alfred Bester
Iceback Invasion Story 1979-04 Hayford Peirce
No Future in It Story 1979-04 Joe Haldeman
Oil Is Not Gold Story 1979-04 Sam Nicholson
The Fate of the Phoenix Book 1979-05 Bantam Spectra, Myrna Culbreath, Sondra Marshak James T. Kirk, Romulan Commander, Spock
Devil World Book 1979-11 Bantam Books, Gordon Eklund Gilla Dupree, James T. Kirk
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Book 1979-12 Gene Roddenberry, Pocket Books Ilia, James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Spock, Will Decker
Perry's Planet Book 1980-02 Bantam Books, Jack C. Haldeman II Montgomery Scott
The Galactic Whirlpool Book 1980-10 Bantam Books, David Gerrold Kevin Riley
Death's Angel Book 1981-04 Bantam Books, Kathleen Sky Elizabeth Schaeffer
The Entropy Effect Book 1981-06 Vonda N. McIntyre Hikaru Sulu, James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Spock
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Movie 1982-06-04 Bibi Besch, DeForest Kelley, Harve Bennett, Jack B. Sowards, Kirstie Alley, Leonard Nimoy, Merritt Butrick, Nicholas Meyer, Ricardo Montalbán, Robert Sallin, Walter Koenig, William Shatner Carol Marcus, David Marcus, James T. Kirk, Khan Noonien Singh, Leonard McCoy, Pavel Chekov, Saavik, Spock
Trillion Year Spree: The History of Science Fiction Book 1986 Atheneum, Brian W. Aldiss, David Wingrove
Foundations of Science Fiction: A Study in Imagination and Evolution Book 1987-04 Frederik Pohl, Greenwood Press, Inc., John J. Pierce
My Teacher Fried My Brains Book 1991 Bruce Coville
My Teacher Glows in the Dark Book 1991 Bruce Coville
The Dark Beyond the Stars Book 1991 Frank M. Robinson
The Giver Book 1993 Lois Lowry
Caretaker Book 1995-02 L. A. Graf Kathryn Janeway, Tom Paris
The Escape Book 1995-05 Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Ragnarok Book 1995-07 Nathan Archer
Violations Book 1995-09 Susan Wright
Incident at Arbuk Book 1995-11 John Gregory Betancourt
Ghost in the Shell Movie 1995-11-18 Kazunori Itō, Mamoru Oshii, Masamune Shirow
The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide Book 1997 Douglas Adams
Men in Black Movie 1997-07-02 Barry Sonnenfeld, Ed Solomon, Lowell Cunningham, Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith James Darrell Edwards III / Agent J, Kevin Brown / Agent K
Decoding Gender in Science Fiction Book 2002 Brian Attebery, Routledge
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Book 2003-06-06 Itou Noizi, Tanigawa Nagaru Asahina Mikuru, Asakura Ryouko, Koizumi Itsuki, Kyon, Nagato Yuki, Suzumiya Haruhi
Koi... Mil Gaya Movie 2003-08-08 Honey Irani, Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta, Rajat Bedi, Rakesh Roshan, Rekha, Robin Bhatt, Sachin Bhowmick Nisha, Raj Saxena, Rohit Mehra, Sonia Mehra
The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya Book 2003-09-30 Itou Noizi, Tanigawa Nagaru
For the Emperor Book 2003-11-03 Black Library, Sandy Mitchell Amberley Vail, Ciaphas Cain
The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya Book 2003-12-27 Itou Noizi, Tanigawa Nagaru
A Certain Magical Index, Vol. 1 Book 2004-04-10 Kamachi Kazuma
The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Book 2004-07-31 Itou Noizi, Tanigawa Nagaru Asahina Mikuru, Asakura Ryouko, Koizumi Itsuki, Kyon, Nagato Yuki, Suzumiya Haruhi
The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya Book 2004-10-01 Itou Noizi, Tanigawa Nagaru
A Companion to Science Fiction Book 2005 Blackwell Publishing, David Seed
The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya Book 2005-03-21 Itou Noizi, Tanigawa Nagaru Asahina Mikuru, Koizumi Itsuki, Kyon, Nagato Yuki, Suzumiya Haruhi
The Intrigues of Haruhi Suzumiya Book 2005-08-31 Itou Noizi, Tanigawa Nagaru Asahina Mikuru, Koizumi Itsuki, Kyon, Nagato Yuki, Suzumiya Haruhi
Science Fiction, Second Edition Book 2006 Adam Roberts, Routledge
The Indignation of Haruhi Suzumiya Book 2006-05-01 Itou Noizi, Tanigawa Nagaru
The Dissociation of Haruhi Suzumiya Book 2007-04-01 Itou Noizi, Tanigawa Nagaru Asahina Mikuru, Koizumi Itsuki, Kyon, Nagato Yuki, Suzumiya Haruhi
James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon Book 2007-06 James Tiptree, Jr., Julie Phillips, St. Martin's Press
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Movie 2008-05-18 George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Jeff Nathanson, Shia LeBeouf, Steven Spielberg Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones, Mutt Williams / Henry Jones III
The Things that Make Me Weak and Strange Get Engineered Away Story 2008-08-06 Cory Doctorow
The Fourth World Book 2009 Laurence Moroney
Kuroyukihime's Return Book 2009-02-10 HiMA, Kawahara Reki Haruyuki Arita, Kurashima Chiyuri, Kuroyukihime, Mayuzumi Takumu
The Chronicler Game 2010-10-01 Z-Machine John Evans
The Martian Book 2011 Andy Weir
Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World Class 2012 Coursera, Eric S. Rabkin
Body Bargain Game 2012-09-30 Z-Machine Amanda Lange
Is This Tomorrow? Story 2020-04-21 Angel Luis Colón Dwight D. Eisenhower
The Faking of the President: Nineteen Stories of White House Noir Book 2020-04-21 Peter Carlaftes, Three Rooms Press
Quintessence Game 2020-10-01 Browser Andrea M. Pawley
Sense of Harmony Game 2020-10-01 Browser Brook Jensen, Liam Gallagher, Scenario World