Leonard McCoy

Type Male


Title Type Date Role
The Man Trap Episode 1966-09-08 Main
The Naked Time Episode 1966-09-29 Sub
Star Drek Story 1967-02 Main
Operation: Annihilate! Episode 1967-04-13 Main
The Trouble With Tribbles Episode 1967-12-29 Main
Mission to Horatius Book 1968 Main
Visit to a Weird Planet Story 1968-09 Main
For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky Episode 1968-11-08 Main
The Tholian Web Episode 1968-11-15 Main
Blight Story 1969-08 Sub
Death Be Not Proud Story 1969-09 Sub
Are You Married, Dr. McCoy? Story 1970-06 Main
Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited Story 1970-06 Main
Intersection Point Story 1971-04 Sub
Marginal Existence Story 1971-07 Main
Rhonda Story 1971-08 Main
The Hunting Story 1972 Main
People Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn't... Story 1972-03 Main
The Winged Dreamers Story 1972-07
Angry Sunset Book 1974
In the Maze Story 1974-07 Main
Cruelty is a Way of Life Story 1975 Main
Operation Annihilate - An Interlude Story 1975 Main
Prejudice Story 1975 Sub
Recant - and Die Story 1975 Main
The Fires of Lorn Story 1975 Main
The Haggis Story 1975 Appearance
When Friends Fall Out...... Story 1975 Main
Here We Go Again Story 1975-04 Main
Bones' Vision Story 1975-07 Main
Command Decision Poem 1975-12 Sub
De Profundis Story 1975-12 Main
Eulogy Story 1975-12 Sub
In a Pig's Eye Story 1975-12 Main
Not of That Feather Story 1975-12 Sub
Phase II: Chapter One - The Invitation Story 1975-12 Sub
The Silent Connection Story 1975-12 Sub
The Truth Poem 1975-12 Main
Understanding Poem 1975-12 Main
Kert Rats: A Star Trek Fable Story 1976-05 Main
McCoy's Song Poem 1976-05 Main
The Answer Poem 1976-05 Main
The Third Wheel Story 1976-05 Main
Spock, Messiah! Book 1976-09 Main
One Day at Worldcon Story 1976-12-15 Main
Untitled Story 1977-03 Main
Untitled Story 1977-03 Appearance
Vintage Wine Story 1977-03-26 Main
Planet of Judgment Book 1977-08 Main
Vulcan! Book 1978-09 Sub
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Book 1979-12 Appearance
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Movie 1979-12-07 Main
The Entropy Effect Book 1981-06
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Movie 1982-06-04 Main
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Movie 1984-06-01
Encounter at Farpoint Episode 1987-09-28 Appearance
Doctor's Orders Book 1990-06
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Movie 1991-12-06 Main
Come What May (Pilot) Episode 2004-01-16
In Harm's Way Episode 2004-10-08
To Serve All My Days Episode 2006-11-23
World Enough and Time Episode 2007-08-23
Star Trek Movie 2009-05-08