Gene Roddenberry

Begin Date 1921-08-19
End Date 1991-10-24
Type Male
Source Date Type Role
Charlie X 1966-09-15 Episode Author
Mudd's Women 1966-10-13 Episode Author
The Menagerie, Part I 1966-11-17 Episode Author
The Menagerie, Part II 1966-11-24 Episode Author
The Return of the Archons 1967-02-09 Episode Author
A Private Little War 1968-02-02 Episode Screenwriter
The Omega Glory 1968-03-01 Episode Author
Bread and Circuses 1968-03-15 Episode Author
Assignment: Earth 1968-03-29 Episode Author
Letter from Gene Roddenberry to Sherna Comerford and Devra Langsam, 1968-04-24 1968-04-24 Letter Author
The Savage Curtain 1969-03-07 Episode Author / Screenwriter
Turnabout Intruder 1969-06-03 Episode Author
Two men in one: Gene Roddenberry 1976-11 Source Subject
Letters to Star Trek 1976-12-12 Book Foreword
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979-12 Book Author
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1979-12-07 Movie Producer
The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1980-03 Book Foreword
Encounter at Farpoint 1987-09-28 Episode Author
Hide and Q 1987-11-23 Episode Screenwriter
Datalore 1988-01-18 Episode Screenwriter
The Star Trek Interview Book 1988-07 Book Interviewee
The Cage 1988-10-01 Episode Author
The Man Who Created Star Trek: Gene Roddenberry 1992-03 Book Subject
Gene Roddenberry: The Myth and the Man Behind Star Trek 1994-06 Book Subject
Star Trek Creator: The Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry 1994-06-01 Book Subject
Gene Roddenberry: The Last Conversation 1994-08-17 Book Subject
The Impossible Has Happened: The Life and Work of Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek 2016-08-02 Book Subject