Type Book
Date 2004-04-10
Pages 224
Tags science fiction, fantasy, fiction, 75 in 2019

A Certain Magical Index, Vol. 1

A Certain Magical Index

  • Toaru Majutsu no Index
  • ćØ恂悋魔蔓恮ē¦ę›øē›®éŒ²

A boy called Touma Kamijou, whose right hand has the ability to nullify all abnormal powers, wakes one morning to find a girl called Index draped over the railing of his balcony. She is the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, retaining 103,000 forbidden books of magic in her eidetic memory, and she is being chased by two sorcerers who desire those books. Or so it appears.

Not bad, but it has the light novel style quite strongly.


From the afterword:

Pleased to meet you. Iā€™m Kazuma Kamachi.

I feel fiercely embarrassed about introducing myself using my pen name. Think about the first time you told people your Internet username, and you get the idea.

Name Role
Kamachi Kazuma Author