Action Comics

Parent series DC comics


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Action Comics #1 Comic 1938-04-18
Action Comics #2 Comic 1938-06-02
Action Comics #3 Comic 1938-07-05
Action Comics #4 Comic 1938-08-02
Action Comics #5 Comic 1938-09-06
Action Comics #6 Comic 1938-10-04
Action Comics #7 Comic 1938-11-03
Action Comics #8 Comic 1938-12-06 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #9 Comic 1939-01-03 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #10 Comic 1939-02-07
Action Comics #11 Comic 1939-03-07 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #12 Comic 1939-04-04
Action Comics #13 Comic 1939-05-02 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #14 Comic 1939-06-02 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #15 Comic 1939-06-29 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #16 Comic 1939-08-01
Action Comics #17 Comic 1939-08-31
Action Comics #18 Comic 1939-09-28
Action Comics #19 Comic 1939-10-31 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #20 Comic 1939-12-01 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #21 Comic 1939-12-27 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #22 Comic 1940-01-23
Action Comics #23 Comic 1940-02-22
Action Comics #24 Comic 1940-03-21
Action Comics #25 Comic 1940-04-23 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #26 Comic 1940-05-23
Action Comics #27 Comic 1940-06-25 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #28 Comic 1940-07-23 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #29 Comic 1940-08-22 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #30 Comic 1940-09-24 Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Action Comics #31 Comic 1940-10-24
Action Comics #32 Comic 1940-11-21
Action Comics #33 Comic 1940-12-24
Action Comics #34 Comic 1941-01-23
Action Comics #35 Comic 1941-02-20
Action Comics #36 Comic 1941-05
Action Comics #37 Comic 1941-06
Action Comics #38 Comic 1941-07
Action Comics #39 Comic 1941-08
Action Comics #40 Comic 1941-09
Action Comics #41 Comic 1941-10
Action Comics #42 Comic 1941-11
Action Comics #43 Comic 1941-12
Action Comics #44 Comic 1942-01
Action Comics #45 Comic 1942-02
Action Comics #46 Comic 1942-03
Action Comics #47 Comic 1942-04
Action Comics #48 Comic 1942-05
Action Comics #49 Comic 1942-06
Action Comics #50 Comic 1942-07
Action Comics #51 Comic 1942-08
Action Comics #52 Comic 1942-09
Action Comics #53 Comic 1942-10
Action Comics #54 Comic 1942-11
Action Comics #55 Comic 1942-12
Action Comics #56 Comic 1943-01
Action Comics #57 Comic 1943-02
Action Comics #58 Comic 1943-03
Action Comics #59 Comic 1943-04
Action Comics #60 Comic 1943-05
Action Comics #61 Comic 1943-06
Action Comics #62 Comic 1943-07
Action Comics #63 Comic 1943-08
Action Comics #64 Comic 1943-09
Action Comics #65 Comic 1943-10
Action Comics #66 Comic 1943-11
Action Comics #67 Comic 1943-12
The Lost-and-Found Mystery Comic 1944-03
Superman Takes a Holiday Comic 1944-03
Valentine Villainy Comic 1944-04
Action Comics #72 Comic 1944-05
Action Comics #73 Comic 1944-06
Who's the Lady? ... Read The Courtship of Adelbert Dribble in this Issue! Comic 1944-07
Keep Up With Superman in the Adventures of Aesop's Modern Fables Comic 1944-08
A Voyage to Destiny Comic 1944-09
Another Superman Versus Prankster Adventure! Comic 1944-10
Everything's in a Stew Until Superman Cooks Up a Super-Recipe to Foil the Plot Against- The Chef of Bohemia Comic 1944-11
Action Comics #79 Comic 1944-12
Back Again by Popular Demand to Plague Superman! The Imp of Imps... Mr. Mxyztplk! Comic 1945-01
This Is Where I Get Off Superman-Let's See What the little Chap Can Do! Comic 1945-02
Action Comics #82 Comic 1945-03
Introducing Hocus and Pocus Magicians by Accident Comic 1945-04
Golly! One More Barrel An' I Don't Think He'd Have Made It! Comic 1945-05
...Massage Is So Stimulating for the Scalp! Comic 1945-06
7th War Loan : And It Isn't Superman Who's Doing This - It's the American People! Comic 1945-07
Must Be Starting to Rain! Comic 1945-08
Abracadabra ... Alacazam ... Carpet, Go Faster! : Another Adventure Featuring Those Zany Magicians by Accident- Hocus and Pocus Comic 1945-09
An Unusual Superman Action Story : The King of Color Comic 1945-10
Rip Comic 1945-11
Action Comics #91 Comic 1945-12
Superman at Work Comic 1946-01
Christmas 'Round the World : a Big Superman Special Comic 1946-03
Action Comics #94 Comic 1946-03
The Laughing Stock of Metropolis Comic 1946-04
Action Comics #96 Comic 1946-05
Another Zany Superman Adventure with Hocus and Pocus, Magicians by Accident : Amazing! Terrific! Comic 1946-06
Looks Like Pretty Dangerous Work! Comic 1946-07
Exhibition Today! Trick-Shot Schultz : OOps Missed Again!! Keep Trying Comic 1946-08
The Sleuth Who Never Failed Comic 1946-09
In This Issue! Superman Covers Atom Bomb Test! Comic 1946-10
It Shouldn't Happen to Superman -But It Does in Mr. Mxyztplk and His Wonderful Lamp! Comic 1946-11
Try to Be More Careful! You're Likely to Hurt Somebody! Comic 1946-12
Superman Vs. Prankster in Candytown U.S.A. Comic 1947-01
The Man Who Hated Chiristmas! Comic 1947-02
In This Issue: A Transatlantic Superman Thriller: His Lordship Clark Kent Comic 1947-03
Action Comics #107 Comic 1947-04
Action Comics #108 Comic 1947-05
Superman vs. Pranskster in The Man Who Robbed the Mint Comic 1947-06
A Superman Thriller! The Mother Goose Crimes Comic 1947-07
Up, Up and Away- With Superman in a Truly Startling Story- Cameras in the Clouds Comic 1947-08
Yes! It's Mr. Mxyztplk Again... Playing a Goofy Game With Superman in The Cross Country Chess Crimes Comic 1947-09
What Happens to Superman's Super-Strength When He Becomes Just an Ordinary Guy? Comic 1947-10
Extra! Superman Scours City in Search of an Honest Man! Comic 1947-11
An Amazing Superman Story ... The WIsh That Came True Comic 1947-12
Superman Battles His Old Enemy Wolfingham in an Unusual Adventure The Wizard of Winter Comic 1948-01
A 52 Page Magazine Featuring a Superman Christmas Adventure Comic 1948-02
Action Comics #118 Comic 1948-03
This Only a Sample of What Happens When Clark Kent Tries to Become Superman for a Day Comic 1948-04
You Can't Imagine What Happens When Superman Becomes Super Stuntman! Comic 1948-05
Is Atlas Stronger Than Superman? You'll Find the Answer in This Exciting Adventure: Superman Vs. Atlas! Comic 1948-06
In This Issue: Superman Super-Stars in the Super-Perils of The Super Sideshow Comic 1948-07
50 Ways to Kill Superman Comic 1948-08
Featuring Superman in Another Thrilling Super-Duper Adventure! Comic 1948-09
Featuring the Thrill-A-Minute Feats of Superman in the Adventure That Rocked Metropolis! Comic 1948-10
Be an Eyewitness to a Thrilling Manhunt in Superman on Television Comic 1948-11
When Superman Meets Radio's Ralph Edwards He Finds Out What Truth or Consequences Really Means! : New: Tommy Tomorrow! Comic 1948-12
How Would You Like to Play Football With Superman? Read The Adventure of Little Red : New: Tommy Tomorrow Comic 1949-01
Time = The present! Place = Metropolis! And Yet Superman Battles a Stone-Age Romeo for Lois Lane, Cavegirl : New: Tommy Tomorrow Comic 1949-03
Lois Lane Meets Real Hollywood Competition When Ann Blyth Stars in Superman and the Mermaid : Rocket to New Worlds in Tommy Tomorrow Comic 1949-03
Extra! Luthor Makes Superman Vanish Into the Fourth Dimension! : Rocket to New Worlds With Tommy Tomorrow Comic 1949-04
The Secret of the Kents : Another Superman Adventure! : Rocket to New Worlds with Tommy Tomorrow Comic 1949-05
Can You Blame Lois Lane for Being Jealous When the Man of Steel Teams Up With The World's Most Perfect Girl? Comic 1949-06
Super Cowboy! Comic 1949-07
The Case of the Human Statues Comic 1949-08
Superman, Show-Off Comic 1949-09
The Man with the Charmed Life Comic 1949-10
Superman Scoop Parade Comic 1949-11
Clark Kent... Daredevil Comic 1949-12
Superman Becomes a Hermit Comic 1950-01
The Secret of the 6 Superman Statues Comic 1950-01
Luthor's Secret Weapon Comic 1950-03
The Conquest of Superman Comic 1950-03
The Bride of Superman Comic 1950-04
Clark Kent's Career Comic 1950-05
Another Daring Adventure With the World's Champion Hero- Superman : Thrills of the 21st Century with Tommy Tomorrow Comic 1950-06
The Statues That Came to Life Comic 1950-07
In This Issue: Superman Faces a New Kind of Challenge! (Superman becomes Miss Lovelorn) : Thrills of the 21st Century with Tommy Tomorrow Comic 1950-08
Superman, Indian Chief Comic 1950-09
The Courtship on Krypton Comic 1950-10
Superman's Super-Magic Show Comic 1950-12
The Sleep That Lasted 1,000 Years Comic 1951-01
The 100 Deaths of Clark Kent Comic 1951-02
Miss Robinson Crusoe Comic 1951-03
The Cover Girl Mystery! Comic 1951-04
The Girl of Steel! Comic 1951-05
The Superman Who Couldn't Fly Comic 1951-06
The Kid from Krypton! Comic 1951-07
The Man Who Owned Superman! Comic 1951-08
Meet Superman's Aunt Minerva : Wait Superman-- You Forgot Your Rubbers-- And I Don't Want You to Catch Cold! : Thrills of the 21st Century With Tommy Tomorrow Comic 1951-09
Exit -- Superman! Comic 1951-10
Superman Vs. It Comic 1951-11
The Girl of Tomorrow Comic 1951-12
Superman's Hall of Trophies! Comic 1952-01
The Man Who Conquered Superman Comic 1952-02
The Three Scoops of Death Comic 1952-03
The Machines of Crime Comic 1952-04
The Menace of Planet Z Comic 1952-05
Clark Kent, Caveman! Comic 1952-06
The Mad Artist of Metropolis Comic 1952-07
The Secrets of Superman! Comic 1952-08
Lois Lane, Witch Comic 1952-09
Superman's Invulnerable Foe! Comic 1952-10
The Man Who Shackled Superman! Comic 1952-11
The Five Against Superman! Comic 1952-12
Muscles for Money! Comic 1953-01
The Anti-Superman Weapon Comic 1953-02
The Sandman of Crime! Comic 1953-03
Supermanor! Comic 1953-04
Get a T.V. Seat to the Greatest Performance of Superman's Career... The Super Telethon! Wait'll Superman Hears What Stunt I Want Him to Do! : Donate to Charity and the Man of Steel Will Perform Any Feat You Name! : Also Tommy Tomorrow Space Planeteer Comic 1953-05
The New Superman! Comic 1953-06
The Return of Planet Krypton Comic 1953-07
The Perfect Plot to Kill Superman Comic 1953-08
The Covered Wagon of Doom! Comic 1953-09
Superman's Million-Dollar Photos! Comic 1953-10
The Haunted Superman! Comic 1953-11
Superman's New Super-Powers! Comic 1953-12
The Spectral Superman! Comic 1954-01
Clark Kent's New Mother and Father Comic 1954-03
The Boy Who Saved Superman Comic 1954-03
Calling Doctor Superman! Comic 1954-04
The Man Who Sped Up Superman! Comic 1954-05
Action Comics #193 Comic 1954-05
The Outlaws from Krypton! Comic 1954-07
Lois Lane - Wanted Comic 1954-08
The Adventures of Mental Man Comic 1954-09
The Stolen 'S' Shirts Comic 1954-10
The Six Lives of Lois Lane Comic 1954-11
The Phantom Superman Comic 1954-12
Tests of a Warrior! Comic 1955-01
The Challenge of Stoneman Comic 1955-02
Lois Lane's X-Ray Vision! Comic 1955-03
The International Daily Planet Comic 1955-04
The Man Who Could Make Superman Do Anything Comic 1955-05
Sergeant Superman Comic 1955-06
Superman Marries Lois Lane Comic 1955-07
The Four Superman Medals! Comic 1955-08
The Magic of Mr. Mxyzptlk Comic 1955-09
The Man Who Was Mightier Than Superman Comic 1955-10
Here's Your Free Ticket to the World's Most Amazing Amusement Park! : Welcome to Superman Land Comic 1955-11
The Superman Spectaculars Comic 1955-12
The Superman Calendar Comic 1956-01
Paul Paxton Alias Superman Comic 1956-02
Superman, Super-Destroyer Comic 1956-03
The Superman of Tomorrow Comic 1956-04
The Super-Menace of Metropolis Comic 1956-05
The Amazing Super-Baby Comic 1956-06
The Super-Ape from Krypton Comic 1956-07
Superman's Treasure Hoard Comic 1956-08
Superman in The Interplanetary Olympics! : The Strongest Man in the Universe? Ho-Ho! He Cannot Even Throw as Far as Sharn of the Planet Iwo! Comic 1956-09
Presenting... The Most Startling Story of the Year! Superman's new Super-Power! : It's Superman-- But How Is he Lifting Us Up Into the Air? Comic 1956-10
What Happens When a Cosmic Accident Creates a Duplicate Superman? : Now to Switch to My Secret Identity of Clark Kent! : Now to Switch to My Other Identity as Superman! Comic 1956-11
The First Superman of Krypton Comic 1956-12
The Secret of Superman Island Comic 1957-01
The Death of Superman! Comic 1957-02
The Invulnerable Enemy Comic 1957-03
The Man with the Triple X-Ray Eyes Comic 1957-04
Superman's Super Skyscraper Comic 1957-05
The Superman Satellite Comic 1957-06
Superman Loses His Powers! Comic 1957-07
Sir Jimmy Olsen, Knight of Metropolis Comic 1957-08
The Story of Superman, Junior Comic 1957-09
The Land of a Million Supermen Comic 1957-10
The Creature of 1,000 Disguises Comic 1957-11
The Super-Prisoner of Amazon Island Comic 1957-12
Superman's New Uniform Comic 1958-01
Superman's Exposed Identity Comic 1958-02
The Super-Gorilla from Krypton Comic 1958-03
Superman's New Face Comic 1958-04
Secret of the Superman Sphinx Comic 1958-05
The Super-Key to Fort Superman! Comic 1958-06
The Super-Duel in Space Comic 1958-07
The Lady and the Lion Comic 1958-08
The Super-Merman of the Sea Comic 1958-09
The Shrinking Superman Comic 1958-10
Krypton On Earth Comic 1958-11
The Return of Superman's Lost Parents! Comic 1958-12
The Man No Prison Could Hold Comic 1959-01
The Kryptonite Man Comic 1959-02
The Eye of Metropolis Comic 1959-03
The Oldest Man In Metropolis Comic 1959-04
The Menace of Metallo Comic 1959-05
The Battle Between Jimmy Olsen and Superman! Comic 1959-06
The Battle With Bizarro! Comic 1959-07
The Bride of Bizarro! Comic 1959-08
The Superman of the Future! Comic 1959-09
The Reporter of Steel Comic 1959-10
Action Comics #258 Comic 1959-11
The Revenge of Luthor! : Supergirl Visits the Stone Age! Comic 1959-12
Mighty Maid, The Girl Superbaby & The Gladiator of the Jungle Comic 1960-01
Secrets of the Fortress of Solitude! Comic 1960-02
When Superman Lost His Powers Comic 1960-03
The World of Bizarros Comic 1960-04
The Superman Bizarro Comic 1960-05
The Superman from Outer Space Comic 1960-06
Action Comics #266 Comic 1960-07
Hercules in the 20th Century! Comic 1960-08
Superman's Battle with Hercules! Comic 1960-09
The Truth Mirror! Comic 1960-10
The Amazing Story of... Superman's Old Age! Comic 1960-11
Voyage to Dimension X Comic 1960-12
Superman's Rival, Mental Man Comic 1961-01
The World of Mr. Mxyzptlk! Comic 1961-02
The World's Greatest Heroine Comic 1961-02
The Reversed Super-Powers Comic 1961-03
The Menace of Red and Green Kryptonite! : Extra! Mr. and Mrs. Kent Adopt Supergirl! Comic 1961-04
The War Between Supergirl and The Supermen Emergency Squad! Comic 1961-05
The Conquest of Superman Comic 1961-06
The Super Powers of Perry White! Comic 1961-07
The Super-Rivals Comic 1961-08
Brainiac's Super-Revenge!; Trapped in Kandor! Comic 1961-09
The Man Who Saved Kal-El's Life Comic 1961-10
Superman's Toughest Day Comic 1961-11
The Red Kryptonite Menace!; The Six Red 'K' Perils Of Supergirl! Comic 1961-12
The Babe of Steel / The Strange Bodies of Supergirl! Comic 1962-01
The Jury of Super-Enemies Comic 1962-03
Perry White's Manhunt For Superman! Comic 1962-04
The Man Who Exposed Superman Comic 1962-05
The Super-Practical Joker! Comic 1962-06
Half A Superman! Comic 1962-07
The New Superman Comic 1962-08
When Superman Defended His Arch-Enemy Comic 1962-09
The Feud Between Superman and Clark Kent Comic 1962-10
The Kryptonite Killer Comic 1962-11
Superman Goes Wild! Comic 1962-12
The Invasion of the Super-Ants! Comic 1963-01
The Man Who Betrayed Superman's Identity Comic 1963-02
Clark Kent, Coward Comic 1963-03
The Story of Superman's Experimental Robots Comic 1963-04
Captive of the Red Sun! Comic 1963-05
The Trial of Superman Comic 1963-06
The Amazing Confession of Super-Perry White Comic 1963-07
The Monster from Krypton Comic 1963-08
The Interplanetary Olympics Comic 1963-09
Why Superman Needs a Secret identity ; The Girl Who Hated Supergirl! Comic 1963-10
The Great Superman Impersonation Comic 1963-11
Supergirl's Wedding Day! Comic 1963-12
Superman Meets the Goliath-Herucles Comic 1964-01
The Superman Super-Spectacular! Comic 1964-02
Secret of Kryptonite Six! Comic 1964-03
Superman, King of Earth Comic 1964-04
King Superman vs. Clark Kent, Metallo Comic 1964-05
The End of Clark Kent's Secret Identity! Comic 1964-06
The Day Superman Became The Flash Comic 1964-07
The Juvenile Delinquents from Alpha Centauri! Comic 1964-08
Zigi and Zagi's Trap for Superman Comic 1964-09
Superman's Rainbow Face Comic 1964-10
The Death of Luthor! Comic 1964-11
The Condemned Superman Comic 1964-12
"The Three Super-Enemies!" Comic 1965-01
Superman - Weakest Man in the World Comic 1965-02
The Coward of Steel Comic 1965-03
Clark Kent in the Big House! Comic 1965-04
The Secret Life of Clark Kent Comic 1965-05
Surprised to See Superbaby From the Planet of Krypton? Turn the Page and See Him as a Grown-Up As... The Skyscraper Superman! Best Superman Story of the Year! Comic 1965-06
The Legion of Super-Creatures ; The Secret of Supergirl's Suitor Comic 1965-07
Three Generations of Supermen ; Supergirl- Fugitive from Justice Comic 1965-08
Superman's Hands of Doom Comic 1965-09
The Ultimate Enemy Comic 1965-10
More Sinister Than Luthor! Craftier Than Brainiac! The Diabolical Dr. Supernatural : Finally! A New Villain Who Is More Than a Match for Superman and Supergirl! Watch the Birdie Supergirl! See How My Execution Buzzard Wipes Out the Mighty Superman! Comic 1965-11
Clark Kent's Masquerade as Superman Comic 1965-12
The Super-Vengeance of Lex Luthor Comic 1966-01
Superman's Super-Boo-Boos Comic 1966-02
The Supergirl from Krypton Comic 1966-03
Luthor's First Victory Over Superman! ; The Prize of Peril Comic 1966-03
The Man from the Phantom Zone Comic 1966-04
From Riches to Rags Comic 1966-05
Muto - - the Monarch of Menace! Comic 1966-06
Muto Versus The Man Of Tomorrow! Comic 1966-07
Power of the Parasite!; The Supergirl Identity Hunt! Comic 1966-08
Superman Versus Super Clark Kent Comic 1966-09
The Super-Human Bomb Comic 1966-10
Eterno the Immortal Comic 1966-11
Superman's Nightmare Dreams Comic 1966-12
The Day Candid Camera Unmasked Superman's Identity Comic 1967-01
The Man Who Sold Insurance to Superman Comic 1967-02
The Boy Who Could See in the Dark Comic 1967-03
Clark Kent, Fighting Federal Agent Comic 1967-03
The Face of Fear ; Supergirl's Black Deeds Comic 1967-04
Secret of the Stone-Age Superman!; The Anti-Supergirl Plot! Comic 1967-05
Zha-Vam the Invincible Comic 1967-06
The Victory of Zha-Vam Comic 1967-07
The Battle of the Gods!; The Cosmic Collectors! Comic 1967-08
Captain Incredible Comic 1967-09
The Mighty Annihilator! ; The Death of Luthor! Comic 1967-10
The Son of the Annihilator Comic 1967-11
The Kryptonite Rumble Comic 1967-12
Superman...Guilty of Homicide Comic 1968-01
The Case of the People Against Superman Comic 1968-02
Action Comics Presents Supergirl : A Comic First! A Complete Book-Length Novel : It's an Exciting Game! I Begin As The Unknown Supergirl! And Here I Am at Last as The World's Greatest Heroine! Comic 1968-03
The Power of the Parasite Comic 1968-03
The Head of Hate Comic 1968-04
The Leper from Krypton Comic 1968-05
The Untouchable from Krypton Comic 1968-06
Superman's Funeral! Comic 1968-07
Substitute Superman Comic 1968-08
Mysteries of the Superman Awards Comic 1968-09
The Unemployed Superman Comic 1968-10
Superman's Greatest Blunder; The Boy Who Broke Supergirl's Heart! Comic 1968-11
Featuring... Superman's Lost Century! : A Funny Thing Happened to Me During My Trip From Krypton to Earth... I'm Missing a Hundred Years!! Comic 1968-12
The President of Steel Comic 1969-01
The Grappler of Steel Comic 1969-02
The Battle of the Super-Pets Comic 1969-03
Alias Super-Thief Comic 1969-03
Superman in the Big Forget! : Who Am I? Where Am I? Why Am I Wearing this Strange Costume? Comic 1969-04
The Only Way to Kill Superman! Comic 1969-05
The Cage Of Doom Comic 1969-06
The Devil's Partner Comic 1969-07
The Confessions of Superman Comic 1969-07-31
The Eliminator! Comic 1969-08
The Dictator Of Earth Comic 1969-10
Clark Kent, Magician Comic 1969-11
The Killer Costume Comic 1969-12
The Forbidden Costume! Comic 1970-01
The Immortal Superman!; The Fallen Starboy! Comic 1970-02
The Home For Old Super-Heroes!; Zap Goes the Legion! Comic 1970-03
Even A Superman Dies!; One Hero Too Many! Comic 1970-04
The Puzzle Of The Wild World! Comic 1970-05
The Kid Who Struck Out Superman!; The Mystery Legionnaire Comic 1970-06
Superman & The Legion of Superheroes : Featuring The Self-Destruct Superman : Mr. President Keep This Secret Weapon! If I Go Mad and Endanger the World, Push the Panic Button And I'll Self Destruct! Comic 1970-07
The Punishment Of Superman's Son! Comic 1970-08
The Shame Of The Super-Son! Comic 1970-09
Superman Meets Super-Houdini Comic 1970-10
Midas of Metropolis Comic 1970-11
A Girl Mightier Than Superman? Comic 1970-12
The Super Pan-Handler of Metropolis! Comic 1971-01
The Secret of the Wheel-Chair Superman! Comic 1971-02
The Pied-Piper of Steel Comic 1971-03
Superman, You're Dead...Dead...Dead Comic 1971-04
My Son... Is He Man or Beast?; Duel of Doom! Comic 1971-05
Invader Go Home Comic 1971-06
This Hostage Must Die! Comic 1971-07
Attack of the Micro-Murderer Comic 1971-08
Kneel to Your Conqueror, Superman! Comic 1971-09
Superman Bodyguard or Assassin?; The Red Dust Bandit!; The Haunted Island!; The Most Dangerous Bug In the World? Comic 1971-10
Master of Miracles Comic 1971-11
The Fiend in the Fortress of Solitude Comic 1971-12
The Hero Superman Doomed to Die!; The Shocking Secret of Super-X!; The Atom's Phantom Double! Comic 1972-01
Who Is Clark Kent's Killer -- and Why Is He Doing Those Terrible Things to Me? Comic 1972-02
The Satanic Son of Superman!; Healing Hands From Beyond!; The Secret Olympic Heroes Part 2 Comic 1972-03
The Day They Sold Superman's Fortress Comic 1972-04
Secret of the First Metropolis Comic 1972-05
The Voodoo Doom of Superman Comic 1972-06
Superman vs. Superstar Comic 1972-07
Meet the Metropolis Monster! / Fill My Grave with Money! Comic 1972-08
Superman, You Scare Me to Death Comic 1972-09
Conspiracy of The Crime Lords / The Kid and the Corruptors! Comic 1972-10
The Attack of the Phantom Super-Foes Comic 1972-11
The Most Dangerous Man on Earth Comic 1972-12
The Made to Order Menace : I Did It! --Created a Bigger and Better Superman! : In This Issue: Action-Plus with the Human Target! Comic 1973-01
The Fantastic Feats of Captain Strong Comic 1973-02
The TV Show that Menaced Metropolis Comic 1973-03
Luthor's Hammer of Hate Comic 1973-04
Gorilla Grodd's Grandstand Play Comic 1973-06
The Last Moa on earth! Comic 1973-07
Master of the Moon Rocks Comic 1973-08
The Man Who Never Lived! / The Time Thief Strikes But Once! Comic 1973-09
Whatever Happened to Superman? Comic 1973-10
The Man Who Wrote Superman's Obituary Comic 1973-11
Which One Of Superman's Neighbors Leads a Secret Life as a Monster? : Another Night on the Prowl! Time to Resume My Identity as Clark Kent! : In This Issue: The Atom Comic 1973-12
The Monster Who Unmasked Superman Comic 1974-01
Target of the Toymen Comic 1974-02
The Man Who Was Buried on Page 64 Comic 1974-03
The Krypton Connection Comic 1974-04
I Want to Wreck the World! / The Unmasking of the Atom Comic 1974-05
The Super-Cigars of Perry White Comic 1974-06
Magic Is Bustin' Out All Over Comic 1974-07
A Monster Named Lois Lane Comic 1974-08
Too Big to Live Comic 1974-09
Kal-El You Are No Longer Our Son! You Have Betrayed Krypton, The World of Your Birth! : In This Issue : Action-Plus With: Green Arrow. Comic 1974-10
Weather War Over Metropolis Comic 1974-11
The Midnight Murder Show Comic 1974-12
Superman Unleashes the World's Greatest Action Heroes! : Plus: 9 of the Deadliest Super-Villains! Comic 1975-01
Beware the Hero-Killers/The Black Canary is Dead Comic 1975-02
Count Ten, Superman--And Die! Comic 1975-03
Clark Kent Calling Superman...Clark Kent Calling Superman Comic 1975-04
The Man Who Created Superman Comic 1975-05
Don't Get Off on the 13th Floor Comic 1975-06
My Best Friend - the Super-Spy Comic 1975-07
An Earth-Shattering Thriller-- The Laugh Heard 'Round the World! Comic 1975-08
The Great Super-Hero Contest Comic 1975-09
The Loser - and New Champion Comic 1975-10
Superman's Fantastic Face-Saving Feat Comic 1975-11
Superman's Energy Crisis Comic 1975-12
Junkman--The Recycled Superstar! Comic 1976-01
Jaws of the Killer Shark! ; Bail Out the Nutty Kid Comic 1976-02
Superman, You're Not Clark Kent -- and I Can Prove It! Comic 1976-03
Make Me a Super-Hero! ; Masquerade of the Nutty Kid! Comic 1976-04
Superman's Big Crack-Up! ; Two for the Taxi! Comic 1976-05
Superman, You'll Be the Death of Me, Yet! Comic 1976-06
Kill Me--Or Leave Me ; The Toughest Newsboy In Town! Comic 1976-07
Super-War of Independence ; This is a job for Superdog Comic 1976-08
Die Now--Live Later! Comic 1976-09
Superman, I'm Going to Re-Run Your Life! ; See Metropolis With Clark Kent Comic 1976-10
Think Young and Die / Paper Hero Comic 1976-11
You Can Take the Man Out of the Super, But You Can't Take the Super Out of the Boy Comic 1976-12
Stop It Superman -- You're Wrecking the World! ; A Superman's Best Friend Is His Superdog Comic 1977-01
Terra-Man at Nine O'Clock ; My Son, The Orphan Comic 1977-02
The Night Superman Was Buried In Boot Hill ; Clark Kent's Lonely Christmas Comic 1977-03
Hold It! If This Is Superman-- --Who Is This? R.I.P. Superman Killed by Terra-Man 1977 Comic 1977-04
One Of Our Phantoms Is Missing ; The Long Weekend Comic 1977-05
The Phantom Touch of Death ; If I'm Here, What Am I Doing Over There? Comic 1977-06
The Great Phantom Peril Comic 1977-07
Will the Real Superman Please Show Up? ; One For The Money Comic 1977-08
That's Not Clark Kent Rushing Into This Phone Booth... But What Comes Out Really Stuns Superman! Comic 1977-09
Attack of the Anti-Super Hero Comic 1977-10
The Land-Lords of Earth / One of Those Days Comic 1977-11
Earth's Last Day Comic 1977-12
The Giant From The Golden Atom Comic 1978-01
Is the Man Who So Often Saved Metropolis About to Destroy It? Comic 1978-02
It's a Bird, It's a Plane... It's Supermobile! Comic 1978-03
This Is A Job For Supermobile Comic 1978-04
Sleep No More! Comic 1978-05
Superman Takes a Wife Comic 1978-06
The Experiment That Backfired on Superman Comic 1978-07
Superman's Time Killing Trip ; Hero For A Day Comic 1978-08
The Super Origin of the Microwave Man ; The Miniature War of the Bat Knights Comic 1978-09
Superman Battles the Microwave Man ; A Close Shave for Air Wave Comic 1978-10
Krypton Dies Again!; Where There's a Will... There's a Fray! Comic 1978-11
No Tomorrow for Superman! Comic 1978-12
A Matter of Light and Death Comic 1979-01
Superman's Secret Afterlife Comic 1979-02
The Metropolis-UFO Connection Comic 1979-03
The Secret of the Super-S Comic 1979-04
Attack of the Ultimate Warrior Comic 1979-05
Death Out Of A Bottle Comic 1979-06
Superman's Command Performance Comic 1979-07
The Catastrophic Man Comic 1979-08
As the World Turns... For the Last Time Comic 1979-09
Superman-- This Is Your Life Story! Comic 1979-10
The Mystery of the Mild-Mannered Superman Comic 1979-11
Fall and Rise of the Star-Child Comic 1979-12
A Save in Time! Comic 1980-01
The Power and the Choice Comic 1980-02
The Creature That Charmed Children Comic 1980-03
The Children's Exodus from Earth! Comic 1980-04
The Miraculous Return of Jonathan Kent Comic 1980-05
The Secret World of Jonathan Kent Comic 1980-06
The Great Space-Travel Hoax ; The Computers That Saved Metropolis! Comic 1980-07
Lex Luthor's Last Stand! Comic 1980-08
Luthor Fights for Good! ; A New Costume for Air-Wave! Comic 1980-09
Luthor's Day of Reckoning! ; Sinister Spectacle of Sunspotter Comic 1980-10
The Return of Superman Island ; The Red Dart's Deadly Arts Comic 1980-11
Countdown of the Killer Computer!; Sunspotter's Crime Collection! Comic 1980-12
This is My World, and You're Welcome to It!; Sorry--Wrong Powers! Comic 1981-01
Time and Time Again ; The Clueless Capers of Chronos Comic 1981-02
The War for Peace! ; Brother Rat Comic 1981-03
Treasure Hunt on a Small Planet ; Beyond the Poseidon Adventure Comic 1981-04
Where the Space-Winds Blows ; Family Plot Comic 1981-05
Superman's arch-rival for Lois Lane! Comic 1981-06
The Deadly Rampage of the Lady Fox Comic 1981-07
The Time-Tornado of the Clockwork Man!; The Hurricane Harness Hijack! Comic 1981-08
Steve Lombard's Double Life! ; The Eye of the Storm Comic 1981-09
If I Can't Be Clark Kent...Nobody Can ; Catastrophe By Calculation Comic 1981-10
Neutron Nightmare! / Air Wave Goes Blank! Comic 1981-11
The Man Who Murdered Metropolis! ; Air Wave Tunes In! Comic 1981-12
Sorcery Over Stonehenge! / Air Wave Under the Waves Comic 1982-01
Star-Kill! ; Land-Masters of the Sea Comic 1982-02
I Have Two Eyes, But I Cannot See! ; Death If by Land... Death If by Sea! Comic 1982-03
Fantastic Deadly Voyage! Comic 1982-04
The Devil... and the Daily Planet! ; No Time Off for Heroes! Comic 1982-05
H.I.V.E. and Go Seek! ; Carnaval of Catastrophe! Comic 1982-06
Trackdown! ; Ground Zero-- Where? Comic 1982-07
Two for the Death of One!; Air-Wave's Close Encounter! Comic 1982-08
Enter--The Omega Men!; The Saucerer's Apprentice! Comic 1982-09
Battle Beneath the Earth! ; I Talk to the Seas, But They Don't Listen to Me! Comic 1982-10
...Half a Superman! ; Fate is the Killer Comic 1982-11
The Measure of a Superman! ; Mera, Mera, on the Wave--Who's the One You've Got to Save? Comic 1982-12
Past Imperfect ; Help! I'm a Prisoner in My Own Body! Comic 1983-01
World Enough and Time Comic 1983-02
Once Again-- Superman Comic 1983-03
Savage Awakening! : Will the Real Superman Please Stand Up! Comic 1983-04
Within These Hands--Power! : He's Back! Neutron: The Man with a Nuclear Punch! Comic 1983-05
Luthor Unleashed! Comic 1983-06
...With But a Single Step! Comic 1983-07
Showdown! Comic 1983-08
The Reincarnation of Alexander the Great! Comic 1983-09
Escape from the Phantom Zone Comic 1983-10
Superman Meets the Zod Squad Comic 1983-11
The Day the Earth Exploded! Comic 1983-12
Superman: Friend or Foe? Comic 1984-01
Another Time! Another Death Comic 1984-02
The World at Time's End Comic 1984-03
If Superman Didn't Exist... Comic 1984-04
Reunion Comic 1984-05
Endings Comic 1984-06
The Artistic Thefts of Terra-Man ; Yesterday Once More Comic 1984-07
The All-Searing Eyes ; Hoax Night Comic 1984-08
The Once and Future Peril ; A Superman of A Different Color Comic 1984-09
Ambush Bug Starring in Action Comics Comic 1984-10
The Great Toyman Trivia Contest ; The Past and Future Superman! Comic 1984-11
Their Magnetic Majesties--King Alexander and Queen Bee! Comic 1984-12
Black Beauty ; Mr. Mxyzptlk, Media Star! ; Jimmy Olsen -- Blob Comic 1985-01
A New Life for Superman ; ...Run for Freedom! Comic 1985-02
The Wizard City Warrior / $ellout or Manna from Mando Comic 1985-03
Traumas in the Bahamas ; With Love from Superman Comic 1985-04
Peri(l) in Paradise ; The League of Superman Watchers Comic 1985-05
Disappearing Act ; The Amazing Matchmaker of Metropolis Comic 1985-06
The Force of Revenge ; Casting Call Comic 1985-07
Who Is Alter Ego? Comic 1985-08
Mission to Earth! Comic 1985-09
The World of Superman Masqueraders Comic 1985-10
The Sale of the Century / If I Were Superman Comic 1985-11
May the Best World Win / Tomorrow Is Cancelled Comic 1985-12
The Great Brain Robbery! Comic 1986-01
Earth's Sister Planet / The Monumental Menace of Metropolis Comic 1986-02
Caitiff: First of the Vampires! Comic 1986-03
The Most Popular Man in Metropolis Comic 1986-04
Prisoners of Time! (1986 A.D. to CCLIII A.D.) Comic 1986-05
The Man of Steel in Three Stupendous Stories! Comic 1986-06
Superman for a Day! Comic 1986-07
The Strange Rebirth of Jor-El and Lara Comic 1986-08
Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Comic 1986-09
Squatter! Comic 1987-01
And Graves Give Up Their Dead ... Comic 1987-02
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Hell is Where the Heart Is... Comic 1988-01
Visitor Comic 1988-02
Checkmate Comic 1988-03
Kryptonitemare! Comic 1988-04
Different Worlds; True Love; Games People Play; A Friend in Need; The Dark Where Madness Lies Comic 1988-05
Superman on Earth Comic 1989-07
Doppleganger Comic 1989-08
My Lady Maxima Comic 1989-09
Burial Ground Comic 1989-10
Brain Drain : The Brainiac Trilogy: Part 1 Comic 1989-11
Body and Mind : The Brainiac Trilogy, Part 2 Comic 1989-12
Man and Machine : The Brainiac Trilogy, Part 3 Comic 1990-01
Reflections Comic 1990-02
The Day of the Krypton Man, Part III: Not of this Earth Comic 1990-03
The Day of the Krypton Man, Part VI: Wayward Son Comic 1990-04
Love & Death Comic 1990-05
Dark Knight Over Metropolis, Part 3 of 3: Deadly Covenant Comic 1990-06
Survival! / Ma Kent's Photo Album Comic 1990-07
Soul Search, Part One of Three: Going to Blazes Comic 1990-08
There is a Happy Land... Far, Far Away Comic 1990-09
The Sinbad Contract : Part Three Comic 1990-10
Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite, Part 3: Breakout Comic 1990-11
Certain Death Comic 1990-12
Stretching a Point Comic 1991-01
Secrets in the Night Comic 1991-02
Time & Time Again, Phase 2: Lost in the '40s Tonight Comic 1991-03
Many Long Years Ago...: Time & Time Again, Phase 5 Comic 1991-04
Wake the Dead Comic 1991-05
Red Glass, Prt 3, Picking Up the Pieces Comic 1991-06
The Final Chapter Comic 1991-07
The Ghost of Luthor Comic 1991-08
Paper Trail Comic 1991-09
Skullduggery Comic 1991-10
Missing in Action Comic 1991-11
All This ... And Lex Luthor II Comic 1991-12
Friends in Need Comic 1992-01
The Past is Prologue Comic 1992-02
Panic in the Sky! Fourth Strike : Mind Grabber! Comic 1992-03
Man of the Hour Comic 1992-04
"...In Love and War!" Comic 1992-05
Talking Heads Comic 1992-06
Shellshocked Comic 1992-07
Payment Due Comic 1992-08
Odds & ... Endings Comic 1992-09
Gauntlet Comic 1992-10
The Trail of the Jackal Comic 1992-11
Doomsday is Near Comic 1992-12
Re: Actions Comic 1993-01
Who's Buried in Superman's Tomb? Comic 1993-02
Born Again Comic 1993-06
An Eye For An Eye Comic 1993-07
Who Is The True Hero? Comic 1993-07
Lies & Revelations Comic 1993-08
Secret Weapon Comic 1993-09
And Who, Disguised as Clark Kent? Comic 1993-10
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Champion Comic 1994-02
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Final Conflict Comic 1994-07
Bad Sport! Comic 1994-08
Chronocide Comic 1994-09
The Yesterday Man Comic 1994-10
Eradication Day! Comic 1994-11
Bodies & Motion Comic 1994-12
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Moving Miracle Comic 1995-03
Crime Tunnel or When Warriors Strongly Disagree! Comic 1995-04
Men of Different Mettle Comic 1995-06
Home and The Hollow Heart! Comic 1995-07
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Deadly Deliverance Comic 1997-07
Without and Within Comic 1997-08
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Devil May Care Comic 1998-03
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Eye of the Storm Comic 1998-08
Chasing the Ancient of Days Comic 1998-09
City of the Future Comic 1998-12
Confidence Job Comic 1999-01
Sixes and Sevens Comic 1999-02
Superman: Have You Forsaken Metropolis? Comic 1999-03
A Law Unto Himself Comic 1999-04
The Armless Blade of Science Comic 1999-05
Necropolis Comic 1999-07
Comeback Comic 1999-08
Secret Origins, Part 3: Eyes of the Hawk Comic 1999-09
Intergang War! Lois Left Out! Rock Lobster! Comic 1999-10
Who is Strange Visitor?, Chapter 3: Where? Comic 1999-11
"...Never-Ending Battle..." Comic 1999-12
For A Thousand Years... Comic 2000-01
All I Want for Christmas Comic 2000-02
Sacrifice For Tomorrow Comic 2000-03
Quiet After the Storm Comic 2000-04
A Clown Comes to Metropolis Comic 2000-05
D.O.A. Comic 2000-06
Critical Condition, Part Four: Death's Door Comic 2000-07
"O, Captain, My Captain!" Comic 2000-08
SupermanamrepuS Comic 2000-09
The Reign of Emperor Joker, Part Five: He Who Laughs Last! Comic 2000-10
The Out of Towner Comic 2000-11
Kith and Kin, Part One Comic 2000-12
Kith and Kin, Part 2 Comic 2001-01
Fireside Chat Comic 2001-02
What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & The American Way? Comic 2001-03
Return to Krypton, Part Four: Escape From Krypton Comic 2001-04
Kancer Comic 2001-05
Infestation, Chapter Four Comic 2001-06
King Takes Pawn Comic 2001-07
The End of the Beginning Comic 2001-08
Thousand Yard Stare Comic 2001-09
Trial by Fire Comic 2001-10
The Gift Comic 2001-11
Whose Mind is it Anyway? Comic 2001-12
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Red Comic 2002-02
Jikei Ketsuki: Mercy, Love and Blood, Part One Comic 2002-03
Jikei Ketsuki: Mercy, Love and Blood Part Two Comic 2002-04
Man & Beast Comic 2002-05
Man & Beast, Part 2 Comic 2002-06
The Invitation Comic 2002-07
Big City, Little Man Comic 2002-08
Dream's End Comic 2002-09
Invaders From Space Comic 2002-10
Ending Battle Part 4: The Thirteenth Hour Comic 2002-11
Ending Battle, Part 8: The Last Supervillain Comic 2002-12
Superego Comic 2003-01
Lost Hearts Conclusion : Heartsong Comic 2003-02
The Cage Comic 2003-03
A Hero's Journey Comic 2003-04
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The Harvest, Part 1 Comic 2003-06
The Harvest, Part Two Comic 2003-07
The Harvest, Part 3 Comic 2003-08
The Harvest, Conclusion Comic 2003-09
Hungry Ghosts, Part 1 - Blood, Broads & Bushido Comic 2003-10
Hungry Ghosts, Part 2 - Blood Sisters Comic 2003-11
Hungry Ghosts, Part 3 - Blood Demands... Comic 2003-12
Creeping Death Comic 2004-01
Walking Midnight Comic 2004-02
Strange New Visitor, Part One Comic 2004-03
Godfall, Part 1 - Home Comic 2004-04
Godfall, Part 4 - Heaven Comic 2004-05
Another Day At The Office Comic 2004-06
Superman Vs. Gog, Part 1 - Endtimes Comic 2004-07
Superman Vs. Gog, Part 2 - Behold, I Am Against Thee Comic 2004-08
Weapons Of Revelation Comic 2004-09
Enemies As Numerous As Grains Of Sand Comic 2004-10
Sodom And Gomorrah Comic 2004-11
Wail Of The Banshee! Comic 2004-12
Worship False Gods Comic 2005-01
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Repo-Man, Part 2 Comic 2005-03
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The Four Horsemen Comic 2005-05
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The Great Society Comic 2005-10
Black & Blue Comic 2005-11
The Devil You Know Comic 2005-12
Depths Comic 2006-01
Once Upon A Time In Krypton... Comic 2006-02
A Contagion Of Madness Comic 2006-03
Superman, This Was Your Life, Part 2 Comic 2006-04
Up, Up, And Away! Part 2 - Mild-Mannered Reporter Comic 2006-05
Up, Up, And Away! Part 4 - Powers And Abilities Comic 2006-06
Up, Up, And Away! Part 6 - This Looks Like A Job... Comic 2006-07
Up, Up, And Away! Finale - The Adventures Of Superman Comic 2006-08
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Back In Action, Part 2 - Action & Reaction Comic 2006-10
Back In Action, Part 3: All-Out Action Comic 2006-11
Last Son, Part 1 Comic 2006-12
Last Son, Part 2 Comic 2007-01
Last Son, Part 3 Comic 2007-02-28
Intermezzo Comic 2007-03-28
Redemption, Part 1 - If You Believe, A Man Can Fly Comic 2007-04-25
Redemption, Part 2 - In Good Faith Comic 2007-05-16
Superman: Family Comic 2007-05-31
Last Son, Part 4 Comic 2007-07-05
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen In 3-2-1 Action! Part 1 - Choices Comic 2007-07-18
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen In 3-2-1 Action! Part 2 - The Signal Comic 2007-08-01
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen In 3-2-1 Action! Part 3 - Pal Comic 2007-08-15
Escape From Bizarro World, Part 1 Comic 2007-08-29
Escape From Bizarro World, Part 2 Comic 2007-10-03
Escape From Bizarro World, Part 3 Comic 2007-10-24
Superman And The Legion Of Super-Heroes, Chapter 1 - Alien World Comic 2007-10-31
Superman And The Legion Of Super-Heroes, Chapter 2 - Illegal Aliens Comic 2007-11-21
Superman And The Legion Of Super-Heroes, Chapter 3 - Lightning And Shadows Comic 2007-12-28
Superman and the Legion of Superheroes, Chapter 4: Chameleons Comic 2008-01-30
Superman And The Legion Of Super-Heroes, Chapter 5 - Revenge Of The Rejects Comic 2008-02-27
Superman And The Legion Of Super-Heroes, Chapter 6 - Sun Rise Comic 2008-04-02
Batman and the Legion Of Super-Heroes Comic 2008-04-30
The Terrible Toyman Comic 2008-05-29
Brainiac, Part 1 - First Contact Comic 2008-06-11
Brainiac, Part 2 - Hide and Seek Comic 2008-07-10
Brainiac, Part 3 - Greetings Comic 2008-08-13
Brainiac, Part 4 - Mind Over Matter Comic 2008-09-17
Brainiac, Conclusion Comic 2008-10-08
New Krypton, Part 4 - Beyond Doomsday Comic 2008-11-12
New Krypton, Part 7 - Brainiac Lives Comic 2008-12-10
New Krypton, Part 10 - Birth Of A Nation Comic 2009-01-14
Suspicion! Comic 2009-02-11
The Sleeper, Part 1 Comic 2009-03-11
The Sleepers, Part 2 Comic 2009-04-15
The Sleepers, Part 3 Comic 2009-05-13
The Sleepers, Part 4 Comic 2009-06-10
The Sleepers, Part 5; Captain Atom, Chapter One Comic 2009-07-15
Codename: Patriot Comic 2009-08-12
The Hunt for Reactron, Part 1 Comic 2009-09-16
The Hunt for Reactron Part 3 Comic 2009-10-14
Divine Spark Part 1 Comic 2009-11-11
Divine Spark, Part Two Comic 2009-12-09
Divine Spark, Part Three Comic 2010-01-13
Divine Spark, Part Four Comic 2010-02-10
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Truth to Power, Part 2 Comic 2010-04-14
Truth to Power, Finale Comic 2010-04-28
The Black Ring, Part 1 Comic 2010-06-30
The Black Ring, Part Two Comic 2010-07-28
The Black Ring, Part Three; A Look at Things to Come in... Superboy Comic 2010-08-25
The Black Ring, Part Four; Jimmy Olsen's Big Week, Day One Comic 2010-09-29
The Black Ring, Part Five; Jimmy Olsen's Big Week, Day Two Comic 2010-10-27
The Black Ring, Part Six; Jimmy Olsen's Big Week, Day Three Comic 2010-11-24
The Black Ring, Part Seven; Jimmy Olsen's Big Week, Day Four Comic 2010-12-29
The Black Ring, Part Eight Comic 2011-01-26
The Black Ring, Part Nine Comic 2011-02-23
The Black Ring, Part Ten Comic 2011-03-30
The Black Ring, Finale: Reign of Doomsday; Life Support; Autobiography; Friday Night in the 21st Century; The Incident; Only Human; The Evolution of the Man of Tomorrow Comic 2011-04-27