Type Comic
Date 1938-06-02
Tags fiction

Action Comics #2

Action Comics #2 (1938-07)


Superman uses his powers to get a nice photo for the paper. Also, he sends it to "The Evening News... Cleveland, Ohio". That's also where Slam Bradley lives. When will he be transplanted to Metropolis, I wonder.

Furthermore, he enlists as a soldier in this country's army... wow.

Oh, excellent. He kidnaps the generals of the opposing forces, and then: "I've decided to end this war by having you two fight it out between yourselves."

Zatara the Master Magician and the Haunted Farm

Of all the absurd things for Zatara to use his powers for, "Tel ereht eb nekcihc rof gnot!" is pretty high up there.

Got the power of astral projection, has he?

He can make someone get over grief quickly by saying "xaler-xaler". Wow.

And he turned someone into a talking sunflower. Wow. Just... wow.


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