Type Comic
Date 1940-06-25
Tags missing link, fiction

Action Comics #27

Action Comics #27 (1940-08)


Overhearing Lois make a donation to the Brentwood Rehabilitation Home, Clark comments that he has heard ugly rumours about it. Lois declares that they will investigate to prove Clark wrong. They are given a tour of the home, and all seems well, but just as they have left a boy comes up to them, having climbed the wall to escape. He tells them that the children are starved, forced to work long hours making goods to sell, and generally mistreated. Incensed, Lois insists upon returning to discover the Home's secrets, while Clark opts to return to the Planet to file a story on the Home.

To make a long story short, Lois gets into trouble (as usual) and Superman saves her (as usual). The operators of the Home are scum, and try to kill Superman in a startling variety of ways. In the end, Lois gets a scoop and the Home gets a new superintendent.

I note that once again Superman's ultimate threat is jumping into the air with the villain. Frightening, I suppose, and worse for them should he drop them, but... he's just chewed up a red hot iron poker and endured an anvil smashing into his teeth. Is jumping really his most frightening skill?

Supermen of America

The secret message says "remember to be kind and generous to those who are weaker and less fortunate than yourself".

Zatara and the Vanished Explorer

Zatara searches for a missing biologist. Finds him. Also a city of 'missing links', ape-like men.

Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Joe Shuster Illustrator