Type Comic
Date 1939-04-04
Tags fiction

Action Comics #12

Action Comics #12 (1939-05)


Superman declares war on reckless drivers. Additionally, he destroys many cars at a used car dealer, on the theory that they're too dangerous. He also frightens a drunk driver. His presences intimidates a cop into refusing a bribe. He tears through a mountain to eliminate a dangerous curve. In the end, he scares the mayor into ensuring that traffic laws are strictly enforced, and gets a ticket himself for parking illegally.

Zatara and the Land of the Fourth Dimension

So Zatara goes and pokes his nose into someone else's business, somehow (accidentally?) kills the king of one of two warring states, then decides to appoint some random girl he met queen. She and the queen of the opposing state decide (at Zatara's behest) to combine their kingdoms and rule peacefully together, and seal the peace treaty with a kiss. What?