Type Comic
Date 1939-06-02
Tags fiction

Action Comics #14

Action Comics #14 (1939-07)


Superman apprehends a man who used inferior materials in construction of a subway, leading to deaths. Superman is the captured--briefly--by the Ultra-Humanite, who escapes from Superman once again.

Zatara and the Fountain of Youth

Zatara has no compunction in intimidating the natives into serving him--he's a proper gentleman adventurer, after all. And weren't they right to wish to avoid going down that river?

Anyway, Zatara is hired to find the fountain of youth by a wealthy industrialist, succeeds, and returns to find that, ironically, the man died on the very same day--at the very same hour--that they filled a flask with water from the fountain of youth. But Zatara reckons living forever wouldn't be so hot, anyway, so it's all for the best. Easy for him to say--he hasn't died of old age while waiting for some water.

Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Joe Shuster Illustrator