Saotome Ranma


Title Type Date Role
Dancing Fanfic None
Here's Ranma Comic None Main
Just a Test Fanfic None Main
My Kind of Girl Fanfic None Main
The Dumbest Bet in History! Episode 1991-03-15 Main
Ranma 1/2 Version 3.1 Fanfic 1993-03-25
A Gift for Her?!? Fanfic 1993-07-08
Better Late than Never Fanfic 1993-10-10
Ranma no Yume or Ranma's Dream Fanfic 1994-01-20
Daydreams Fanfic 1994-06-25
A Man I'll Never Be Fanfic 1996-04-23
The Voice of Experience Fanfic 1996-09-12
Trapped Fanfic 1997-01-04
Regrets after it's too late Fanfic 1997-02-24 Main
Ranma's Birthday Fanfic 1998-03-20
The Bet - Iinazuke Sankai Suru Fanfic 1998-09-25
Destiny's Child Fanfic 1998-11-24 Main
Paws for Effect Fanfic 1999-02-23
11:11, or Chronophobia Fanfic 1999-03-03 Main
Ryoga's Curse Fanfic 1999-06-21
What If... The Fight Fanfic 1999-07-02 Main
Akane Can Cook Fanfic 2000-01-10
Enemy of Women Fanfic 2000-04-17
Kikuko Fanfic 2000-10-02
Ranma the Addict Fanfic 2000-12-11
Heirloom Fanfic 2001-03-03
Ranma's Only Lost Battle Fanfic 2001-04-30
Training Ground Jusenkyo Fanfic 2001-07-26
True Origins Fanfic 2001-08-28
Shocked Awake Fanfic 2002-03-18
To Tell a Hawk From a Handsaw Fanfic 2002-05-15 Main
Perverts?! Fanfic 2002-05-23 Main
Akane the Suicidal Fanfic 2002-08-16
Before the Sun Sets Fanfic 2003-04-19
Caring For Kasumi Fanfic 2004-04-08
Waiting For the Sun Fanfic 2004-06-04
Out of the Frying Pan Fanfic 2005-08-17
Shared Secrets Fanfic 2005-09-30 Main
Realization Fanfic 2006-01-31
I Was Right All Along Fanfic 2007-06-27
FIGHT ME! Fanfic 2007-09-13
I will Never Let you Go Fanfic 2007-11-29
Touch Fanfic 2008-01-08
Boiled Nyanniichuan Fanfic 2008-07-05
Video Tape Fanfic 2008-12-19
THAT IS ENOUGH! Fanfic 2009-12-23
Ranma's Boyfriend Fanfic 2010-05-02
Ranko's Ascension Fanfic 2010-05-31
I'm Here Fanfic 2011-04-08
License To Thrill Fanfic 2013-05-03
An Asari's Horse Fanfic 2014-02 Main