Type Fanfic
Date 2001-03-03
Status Dead


During one of Ranma's fights, Kasumi's most treasured possession, an urn given to her by her mother, is destroyed, putting their developing friendship in jeopardy. To cap off Ranma's terrible day, he is seriously injured that evening and returns home to find Tofu confessing his love to Kasumi.

This story had potential, but died before the plot could take off.


Finally updated! Revised slightly as well...Kasumi has an heirloom that was given to her by her mother, so what happens when it is accidenally broken? And what's this about it leading her to her true love? And where does Ranma fit into that? R+R please!

Character Type
Saotome Ranma None
Tendou Kasumi None
Name Role
Gray Author