Type Fanfic
Date 2010-05-02
Status Complete
Tags Ranma/Ryouga, Kuno/Shampoo

Ranma's Boyfriend

Ranma has a plan to rid himself of Kuno by convincing him that the pigtailed girl is in love with someone else. So what if she has to kiss Ryouga to sell it? And if at first you don't succeed...


Ranma finally makes a plan to get rid of Kuno! The only problem is... she needs Ryoga's help. RanmaXRyoga (Book 1) (Story has reached 100,000 hits! To celebrate we've posted a fanfiction comic on DeviantArt, please search for: KiyomuMitsue)

Character Type
Hibiki Ryouga None
Kunou Tatewaki None
Saotome Ranma None
Shampoo None
Name Role
DaisukiFox Author