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My Kind of Girl

A Ranma oneshot, in which Ranma contemplates what sort of girl he'd like to be, if his curse were permanently locked.

The fic could do with some proofreading, but it's serviceable. I think it felt a bit rushed, and the ending didn't do much for me, but that could be in part because it's a pro-Akane fic and I mostly like other pairings.

The premise, though, really intrigues me. Often we see Ranma's curse locked, if not permanently then at least for a long time, and Ranma changing in various ways because of it. Often enough, these changes aren't terribly believable, but that's just one of the hazards of reading fan fiction. Ranma's becoming locked, though, is pretty uniformly a surprise--he hasn't any idea that it's going to happen, and hasn't thought about what he should do if it should happen, except try to reverse it. The idea of Ranma considering what kind of girl he'd like to be when he is in no apparent danger of having his curse locked is therefore quite novel.

I'd really like to see a longer fic exploring this idea. In the context of a pro-Akane fic, we might have Ranma seeing in Akane some of the qualities he'd like to see in himself, if his curse were locked (i.e. Ranma would want to be a tomboy). In the context of an anti-Akane fic, we might have just the opposite (e.g. Ranma wouldn't want to be violent toward men unfairly). Either way, it could be a good chance for Ranma to really consider how the girls around him behave, and how he behaves as well. It has potential.

This fic wasn't my ideal explication of that premise, but it's still worth reading.

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Saotome Ranma Main
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weebee Author