Type Comic
Date None (1941-08)

The Clock Maker!

A member of the board of directors of Hobbs clock company, Atkins, convinces a crazy old clock-maker to build booby-trapped clocks to kill the other members of the board (who are guilty of "killing time"--murderers, the madman figures) so that he can control the company. Batman stops him and fights a climactic battle against the madman in a clocktower rigged to explode. The moral:

People who waste valuable time are really enemies of mankind. Think of all the fine cures for disease and inventions that might be found if they made use of their precious time! It's worth thinking about...

Character Type
Batman Main
Robin Main
James Gordon Appearance
Name Role
Bill Finger Author
Bob Kane Penciller
George Roussos Inker / Letterer
Jerry Robinson Inker


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