Alias of


Title Type Date Role
The Case of the Laughing Death Comic 1940-11 Appearance
Blackbeard's Crew and the Yacht Society Comic 1941-01 (Winter)
Public Enemy No. 1 Starts Jail Sentence Comic 1941-01 (Winter)
The Case of the Joker's Crime Circus! Comic 1941-01 (Winter)
Touchdown For Justice Comic 1941-01 (Winter)
Clayface Walks Again! Comic 1941-03 Sub
The Case of the Three Devils Comic 1941-04
Book of Enchantment Comic 1941-04 (Spring)
Brothers in Crime Comic 1941-04 (Spring) Sub
The Case of the Honest Crook Comic 1941-04 (Spring) Sub
The Riddle of the Missing Card! Comic 1941-04 (Spring) Main
The Case of the Mystery Carnival Comic 1941-05 Main
The Secret Of The Jade Box Comic 1941-06 Appearance
The Man Who Couldn't Remember! Comic 1941-06 (Summer) Sub
Viola Vane Comic 1941-07 Sub
Hook Morgan and His Harbor Pirates Comic 1941-08 Sub
Murder on Parole Comic 1941-08 Sub
Suicide Beat! Comic 1941-08 Sub
The Clock Maker! Comic 1941-08 Main
The Secret of the Iron Jungle Comic 1941-08 Sub