Type Comic
Date None (1941-01 (Winter))
Tags football

Touchdown For Justice

During a fight, "the Batman picks up a gun dropped by a thug, takes careful aim---and fires!" In the next panel, after the thug's hand is hit, there is a note: "Editor's note: the Batman never carries or kills with a gun!"

A gambler, Stacy, intends to fix a football game, and has figured out Batman's identity:

One of the stoolies that works for the police tells me that this society guy, Bruce Wayne, is always hangin' around headquarters! Seems he's a friend of Commissioner Gordon! Now what's a rich playboy like him hanging around there so much? Maybe this "playboy" business is an act so the police don't get wise!

The men try to expose Batman, but together with Robin he throws them off the scent. Unable to deal with the Batman, Stacy must still do something to ensure the game comes out in his favor. He has a player, Stockton, kidnapped. Batman disguises himself as Stockton and plays in his place, while Robin frees the real Stockton. Upon hearing what's happened:

Stockton: Took my place?.. I'll bet he's fumbling every play! I better get back there and stop him in time!

Robin: You go there alone. I want to deliver these muggs to jail. One of them is guilty of the murder of your roommate!

Yeah, Stockton has his priorities straight.

Back at the field, Batman is having great success. He changes with Stockton at the end of a half, and Batman and Robin watch the remainder of game from the stands.

Character Type
Robin None
Batman Main
Name Role
Bill Finger Author
Bob Kane Penciller
George Roussos Inker / Letterer
Jerry Robinson Inker


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