These are generally collections of short stories by the same author (or authors in collaboration).

For collections of short works by many authors, the tag anthology is used.

For collections of books, or a complete series, or similar situations, the tag omnibus is used.

Title Type Date Platform Names Characters Series
The Innocence of Father Brown Book 1911 Cassell and Company, Ltd., G. K. Chesterton
Shen of the Sea Book 1925 Arthur Bowie Chrisman
The Martian Chronicles Book 1950-05-04 Bantam Books, Ian Miller, Ray Bradbury
Honeymoon in Hell Book 1958-08 Fredric Brown
Hesiod Book 1959 Hesiod, Richmond Lattimore
Star Trek Book 1967-01 James Blish
Star Trek 2 Book 1968-02 James Blish
Star Trek 3 Book 1969-04 James Blish
Star Trek 4 Book 1971-07 James Blish
Star Trek 5 Book 1972-02 James Blish
Star Trek 6 Book 1972-04 James Blish
Star Trek 7 Book 1972-07 James Blish
Star Trek 8 Book 1972-11 James Blish
Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home Book 1973-07 Ace Books, Harry Harrison, James Tiptree, Jr.
Star Trek 9 Book 1973-08 James Blish
Star Trek 10 Book 1974-02 James Blish
Star Trek Log One Book 1974-06 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Log Two Book 1974-08 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Log Three Book 1974-12 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Log Four Book 1975-02 Alan Dean Foster Kor
Star Trek 11 Book 1975-04 James Blish
Star Trek Log Five Book 1975-07 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek Log Six Book 1976-02 Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek 12 Book 1977-11 J. A. Lawrence, James Blish
Mudd's Angels Book 1978-05 Bantam Books, J. A. Lawrence Harcourt Fenton Mudd
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Book 1981 Alvin Schwartz, Stephen Gammell
The Dead Sleep Lightly Book 1983 Doubleday, Douglas G. Greene, John Dickson Carr
Why Read the Classics? Book 1999 Italo Calvino, Martin McLaughlin, Pantheon Books
More Bones: Scary Stories from Around the World Book 2008 Arielle North Olson, Howard Schwartz
Un Coup de Dés & Other Poems Book 2009 Anthony S. Kline, Odilon Redon, Poetry in Translation, Stéphane Mallarmé
We Have Root: Even More Advice from Schneier on Security Book 2019 Bruce Schneier
The Faking of the President: Nineteen Stories of White House Noir Book 2020-04-21 Peter Carlaftes, Three Rooms Press