interactive fiction

Title Type Date Names Characters Series
Journey to the Center of the Earth Adventure Game 1978 Greg Hassett
All Quiet on the Library Front Game 1995 Michael S. Phillips
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents "Detective" Game 1995 C. E. Forman, Matt Barringer
Toonesia Game 1995 C. J. T. Spaulding
Uncle Zebulon's Will Game 1995 Magnus Olsson
Undo Game 1995 null dogmas
Alabaster Game 2009-06-05 Adam Thornton, Elizabeth Heller, Emily Short, Eric Eve, Jayzee, John Cater, Kazuki Mishima, Mark Musante, Rob Dubbin, Sarah Morayati, Ziv Wities
Trizbort Software 2010 Genstein, Jason Lautzenheiser
East Grove Hills Game 2010-10-01 XYZ
The Chronicler Game 2010-10-01 John Evans
Under, In Erebus Game 2010-10-01 Brian Rapp
Body Bargain Game 2012-09-30 Amanda Lange
Escape From Summerland Game 2012-09-30 Jasmine Lavages, Jenny Roomy
J'dal Game 2012-09-30 Ryan Kinsman
Kicker Game 2012-09-30 Pippin Barr
Murphy's Law Game 2012-09-30 Scott Hammack
Signos Game 2012-09-30 Mauricio Diaz Garcia
The Test is Now READY Game 2012-09-30 Jim Warrenfeltz
The Adventures of a Hexagon Game 2014-04-10 Tyler Zahnke
The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost Game 2014-04-10 Briar Rose
Nova Heart: Don’t Be Standing Around While the Earth Dies Screaming, or: Who Is To Blame When the Owls Leave Candy Jail? Game 2014-05-13 Zenith J Clangor
Sparkle Game 2014-05-13 Karly Di Caprio
Hill 160 Game 2014-10-01 Mike Gerwat
One Night Stand Game 2014-10-01 Giannis G. Georgiou
Raik Game 2014-10-01 Harry Giles
Ventilator Game 2016 Peregrine Wade
Last House on the Block Game 2020-10-01 Jason Olson
Quintessence Game 2020-10-01 Andrea M. Pawley
Stand Up / Stay Silent Game 2020-10-01 Y Ceffyl Gwyn