Type Movie
Date 1944-04-24
Tags film noir

Double Indemnity

I liked this film better than The Maltese Falcon. It's got some obvious similarities: the style of the dialogue; the protagonist meeting a woman and falling for her within moments; the woman turning out to be a villain; and of course as film noir there's some other stylistic similarity.

The relationship between Neff and Dietrichson was unbelievably sudden, but otherwise I thought the film's pacing was pretty good. The camerawork was quite good, too: the darkness of the night was very tangible.

Character TypeName
Barton Keyes NoneEdward G. Robinson
Edward S. Norton, Jr. NoneRichard Gaines
Lola Dietrichson NoneJean Heather
Mr. Dietrichson NoneTom Powers
Mr. Jackson NonePorter Hall
Nino Zachetti NoneByron Barr
Phyllis Dietrichson NoneBarbara Stanwyck
Walter Neff NoneFred MacMurray
Name RoleCharacter
Barbara Stanwyck Actor
Billy Wilder Director / Screenwriter
    Byron Barr Actor
    Edward G. Robinson Actor
    Fred MacMurray Actor
    Jean Heather Actor
    Porter Hall Actor
    Raymond Chandler Screenwriter
      Richard Gaines Actor
      Tom Powers Actor