Type Periodical
Date 1970-06
Pages 105
Series Garlic Press/Poison Pen Press/Amanita Press [fanlore] (7, 35, 54, 66, 76)

Spockanalia 5

Spockanalia #5

Editorial announces the successors of Spockanalia will be Nevertrodden Worlds (never published) and Masiform D.

Name Role
Deborah Langsam Editor
Devra Michele Langsam Editor
Sherna C. Burley Editor


Off the top 7
Leila in the New Land 10
Lettercol 11
To Summon the Future 12
Septyar 20
Concerning Sehlats 22
Communication from Star Fleet Intelligence #2 26
The Skyborn 28
Why? 42
The Free Enterprise 43
Do They? 48
Vulcan-Romulan history 49
From the files of the Terran Bureau of Investigation 52
A Note on the Vulcan Nervous System 53
Poem 53
The Free Enterprise 56
Preliminary Survey of Tribbles and Martian Flat Cats 60
Straw Death 66
Vulcan graffiti 70
Enterprise graffiti 71
Are You Married, Dr. McCoy? 72
Recreations, or The Enterprise as Fun City, or More about R&R than you want to know 78
Cave-In 83
Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited 89


Relation Sources
  • Star Trek Concordance of People, Places and Things (1969)