Deborah Langsam

Source Date Type Role
Personal Diary Entries 1968-04 Story Author
A Slanderous Song 1968-09 Poem Author
Excerpt from The Young Vulcan's Handbook of Emotional Control 1968-09 Story Author
Scotty: Inter-personal relationships within a closed community 1969-04 Story Author
Masiform D #1 1971-01 Periodical Assistant Editor
Masiform D #2 1972-03 Periodical Editor
Chemistry Songs 1973-09 Source Author
Masiform D #3 1973-09 Periodical Editor
Spockanalia 5 1970-06 Periodical Editor
Fan Writing Panel; or, Don't Make Him Say That! 1973-09 Source Interviewee
Partial Translation of Expanded Outlines for Instructors at the Vulcan Academy 1973-09 Story Author