Type Book
Date 1979-12
Pages 252
Series Pocket TOS (1)
Tags novelization, science fiction

Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Roddenberry in the 23rd century

Roddenberry positions himself, in the preface, as a figure in the 23rd century who has produced (and is producing) a dramatized account of real events.

love instructor

I received James because it was both the name of my father’s beloved brother as well as that of my mother’s first love instructor.

Opinion is divided on whether love instructor is meant here literally, a person hired to teach about sex, or whether this is simply chauvanist language for boyfriend or lover. I agree with the latter interpretation--if, as some suggest, this was merely an expression of Roddenberry's idea of a libertine future in which one might hire an expert instructor in the art of sex, then that should have been a mundane enough relationship that it would not merit memorializing it by the naming of one's firstborn.

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James T. Kirk None
Leonard McCoy None
Spock None
Name Role
Gene Roddenberry Author
Pocket Books Publisher


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