Type Episode
Date 1992-11-02
Tags transporter accident


Star Trek: The Next Generation 6x07

Picard, Guinan, Ro Laren, and Keiko O'Brien are returning from the planet Marlonia when the shuttlecraft encounters an anomaly. The four are beamed safely back to the Enterprise, but when they re-materialize, they are each twelve years old. The four deal with the situation in different ways.

Picard attempts to ignore it entirely and continue as if nothing had changed, but Crusher convinces him that this is unwise; if they are unable to restore him to his proper age, he should consider taking a sabbatical from Starfleet, perhaps to pursue archaeology.

Keiko attempts to resume her normal life, but Miles feels very awkward with a little girl as his wife, and Molly doesn't recognize Keiko as her mother.

Guinan is content to enjoy being a child again, and attempts to get Ro, whose childhood was spent in a refugee camp, to have fun with her.

While the captain is thus indisposed, the Enterprise, responding to a distress call, is attacked by two Klingon Birds-of-Prey. Unable to withstand the attacks, they are soon boarded by several Ferengi, who intend to sell the Enterprise to the Romulans. The Ferengi beam most of the adults down to the surface, leaving the four de-aged members of the crew to free the ship.

Ultimately, they are able to use the transporters to return everyone to his or her rightful age.


It's a bit absurd how easily the Ferengi were able to take over the ship, to say nothing of the technobabble explanation for the transporters de-aging everyone, but the episode is surprisingly enjoyable, still.

The actors playing the young versions of the crew do a pretty good job. David Tristan Birkin, who plays the youthful Picard (and who also played RenΓ© Picard in Family), doesn't manage very well, but he had the hardest job. It's much easier for us to recognize Picard's mannerisms being not-quite-right, since we see so much more of him.

Character TypeName
Guinan MainIsis J. Jones
Jean-Luc Picard MainDavid Tristan Birkin
Keiko O'Brien MainCaroline Junko King
Ro Laren MainMegan Parlen
Alexander Rozhenko SubBrian Bonsall
Berik SubTracey Walter
DaiMon Lurin SubMike Gomez
Miles O'Brien SubColm Meaney
Morta SubMichael Snyder
Guinan AppearanceWhoopi Goldberg
Jean-Luc Picard AppearancePatrick Stewart
Keiko O'Brien AppearanceRosalind Chao
Molly O'Brien AppearanceHana Hatae
Ro Laren AppearanceMichelle Forbes
Name RoleCharacter
Adam Nimoy Director
    Allison Hock Screenwriter
      Brian Bonsall Actor
      Caroline Junko King Actor
      Colm Meaney Actor
      David Tristan Birkin Actor
      Diana Dru Botsford Author
        Hana Hatae Actor
        Isis J. Jones Actor
        Megan Parlen Actor
        Michael Piller Author
          Michael Snyder Actor
          Michelle Forbes Actor
          Mike Gomez Actor
          Patrick Stewart Actor
          Rosalind Chao Actor
          Tracey Walter Actor
          Ward Botsford Author
            Whoopi Goldberg Actor