Title Type Date Role
Yesterday's Enterprise Episode 1990-02-19
Hollow Pursuits Episode 1990-04-30
The Best of Both Worlds: Part One Episode 1990-06-18
The Best of Both Worlds: Part Two Episode 1990-09-24
Family Episode 1990-10-01 Appearance
Clues Episode 1991-02-11
Galaxy's Child Episode 1991-03-11
Night Terrors Episode 1991-03-18
In Theory Episode 1991-06-03
Ensign Ro Episode 1991-10-07 Sub
I Borg Episode 1992-05-11
Time's Arrow: Part One Episode 1992-06-15 Main
Time's Arrow: Part Two Episode 1992-09-21 Main
Rascals Episode 1992-11-02 Main
Rascals Episode 1992-11-02 Appearance
Suspicions Episode 1993-05-10 Sub