Patrick Stewart

Begin Date 1940-07-13
Type Male
Source Date Type RoleCharacter
Encounter at Farpoint 1987-09-28 Episode Actor
In Theory 1991-06-03 Episode Director
    Unification: Part One 1991-11-04 Episode Actor
    Unification: Part Two 1991-11-11 Episode Actor
    Hero Worship 1992-01-27 Episode Director
      The Inner Light 1992-06-01 Episode Actor
      Relics 1992-10-12 Episode Actor
      True Q 1992-10-26 Episode Actor
      Rascals 1992-11-02 Episode Actor
      A Fistful of Datas 1992-11-09 Episode Director / Actor
      The Quality of Life 1992-11-16 Episode Actor
      Chain of Command: Part One 1992-12-14 Episode Actor
      Chain of Command: Part Two 1992-12-21 Episode Actor
      Emissary 1993-01-03 Episode Actor
      Tapestry 1993-02-15 Episode Actor
      Starship Mine 1993-03-29 Episode Actor
      Lessons 1993-04-05 Episode Actor
      The Chase 1993-04-26 Episode Actor
      Patrick Stewart: The Unauthorized Biography 1996-09-01 Book Subject
        X-Men 2000-07-13 Movie Actor
        • Professor Charles Xavier
        X2 2003-04-24 Movie Actor
        • Professor Charles Xavier
        X-Men: The Last Stand 2006-05-25 Movie
          The Captains 2011-07-22 Movie Interviewee