Jean-Luc Picard


Title Type Date Role
Encounter at Farpoint Episode 1987-09-28 Main
The Naked Now Episode 1987-10-05 Main
The Battle Episode 1987-11-16 Main
The Big Goodbye Episode 1988-01-11 Main
Angel One Episode 1988-01-25
The Arsenal of Freedom Episode 1988-04-11
We'll Always Have Paris Episode 1988-05-02 Main
The Measure of a Man Episode 1989-02-13 Main
Time Squared Episode 1989-04-03 Main
Samaritan Snare Episode 1989-05-15 Main
The Survivors Episode 1989-10-09 Sub
Who Watches the Watchers Episode 1989-10-16 Main
The Defector Episode 1990-01-01 Main
Captain's Holiday Episode 1990-04-02 Main
The Best of Both Worlds: Part One Episode 1990-06-18
The Best of Both Worlds: Part Two Episode 1990-09-24 Main
Family Episode 1990-10-01 Main
Final Mission Episode 1990-11-19 Main
Qpid Episode 1991-04-22 Main
The Drumhead Episode 1991-04-29 Main
Darmok Episode 1991-09-30 Main
Disaster Episode 1991-10-21 Main
Unification: Part One Episode 1991-11-04 Main
Unification: Part Two Episode 1991-11-11 Main
A Matter of Time Episode 1991-11-18 Main
Conundrum Episode 1992-02-17 Main
Power Play Episode 1992-02-24 Main
The First Duty Episode 1992-03-30 Sub
The Perfect Mate Episode 1992-04-27 Main
The Inner Light Episode 1992-06-01 Main
Time's Arrow: Part Two Episode 1992-09-21 Sub
Relics Episode 1992-10-12 Main
True Q Episode 1992-10-26 Sub
Rascals Episode 1992-11-02 Main
Rascals Episode 1992-11-02 Appearance
A Fistful of Datas Episode 1992-11-09 Appearance
The Quality of Life Episode 1992-11-16 Sub
Chain of Command: Part One Episode 1992-12-14 Main
Chain of Command: Part Two Episode 1992-12-21 Main
Emissary Episode 1993-01-03 Appearance
Tapestry Episode 1993-02-15 Main
Starship Mine Episode 1993-03-29 Main
Lessons Episode 1993-04-05 Main
The Chase Episode 1993-04-26 Main
Space Exploration Fanfic 2005-10-12
One Thousand Eyes Fanfic 2006-05-25
Rather Disappointing, Really Fanfic 2006-10-17
Sapient NOT Sentient! Fanfic 2007-06-26