Type Episode
Date 1967-01-19


Star Trek: The Original Series 1x18

The Enterprise pursues aliens responsible for destroying a starbase--the lizark-like Gorn, when Kirk and the Gorn captain are both transported to the surface of a planet to resolve their differences in personal combat. The aliens responsible for transporting them, the Metrons, will destroy the loser. When Kirk wins by creating gunpowder, he requests mercy for the Gorn, impressing the Metrons, who conjecture that Humanity may one day advance beyond savagery.


Fredric Brown is credited as the author of this episode, but in fact the story was written by Gene Coon (perhaps unconsciously inspired by Brown) and the credit was given when the similarities to Brown's story were noticed.

Character TypeName
Gorn captain MainBobby Clark
Gorn captain MainGary Combs
Gorn captain MainTed Cassidy
James T. Kirk MainWilliam Shatner
Name RoleCharacter
Bobby Clark Actor
Fredric Brown Original work
    Gary Combs Actor
    Gene L. Coon Screenwriter
      Joseph Pevney Director
        Ted Cassidy Voice Actor
        William Shatner Actor


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