Gene L. Coon

  • Lee Cronin
Begin Date 1924-01-07
End Date 1973-07-08
Type Male
Source Date Type Role
Arena 1967-01-19 Episode Screenwriter
Space Seed 1967-02-16 Episode Screenwriter
A Taste of Armageddon 1967-02-23 Episode Screenwriter
The Devil in the Dark 1967-03-09 Episode Author
Errand of Mercy 1967-03-23 Episode Author
The Apple 1967-10-13 Episode Screenwriter
Metamorphosis 1967-11-10 Episode Author
A Piece of the Action 1968-01-12 Episode Screenwriter
Bread and Circuses 1968-03-15 Episode Author
Spock's Brain 1968-09-20 Episode Author (as Lee Cronin)
Spectre of the Gun 1968-10-25 Episode Author (as Lee Cronin)
Wink of an Eye 1968-11-29 Episode Author (as Lee Cronin)
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield 1969-01-10 Episode Author (as Lee Cronin)