Type Book
Date 1995-10
Pages 361
Series Star Trek books
Tags nonfiction, Star Trek

Captains' Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages

The introduction asks a rather bold question:

So why hasn't anyone ever conceived of a book that would trace every mission of the Enterprise and beyond?

Why hasn't anyone thought of it? Well… people have? I mean, the Concordance covered TAS as well as TOS, back in 1976, and the Star Trek Encyclopedia, first published in 1994 (over a year before this book) covered TNG and what came before. Those books had a different focus, sure, but they seem to fit the bill, all the same. And it's not like this book is all that complete, either:

Although you won't find any of the comics or novels here, this book does feature the animated series, which have stirred debate among Trek scholars concerning its relevancy as part of the official canon. We have decided to allow our readers to make that determination. While we don't go into depth regarding the animated series, we nonetheless provide a complete list of credits and episode summaries.

It's not only TAS that is shortchanged–the entry for The Return of the Archons, for example, is also just credits and summary. And not all those episodes which do have quotes from interviews have anything useful to say–many of the quotes have little more substance than "we sure did our best on those things, yep". The bulk of episodes have something worthwhile, though.

Name Role
Edward Gross Author
Little, Brown and Company Publisher
Mark A. Altman Author