The New Teen Titans

Parent series DC comics
Sequels Tales of the Teen Titans

The New Teen Titans by Perez and Wolfman is surely the best version of the team, and it's also the inspiration for the 2003 television series.

This series is definitely a reboot of the team, so it's a great place to start, even if you've never read another DC comic. The characters' detailed histories will be explored over the course of the series, but in this first issue we see: Dick Grayson, who's tired of being in his guardian's shadow; Gar Logan, who has some hidden pain (though those of us who are familiar with the Doom Patrol will know what happened to them in the October 1968, Doom Patrol #121); Victor Stone, who would rather be a regular human than a cyborg; Wally West, who wants to quit being a super-hero; and Donna Troy, who wonders where she came from. Additionally, we're introduced to Starfire, initially called Princess Koriand'r, and the 'witch' Raven.

Everyone has their own motivations for joining the team, and their personal lives and histories will intersect with the events of the comic on many occasions. Part of what makes this series so great is that Perez and Wolfman have the ability to make us care about Donna Troy more than Wonder Girl, Dick Grayson more than Robin, Victor Stone more than Cyborg, and so on.


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
The NEW Teen Titans Comic 1980-11 Adrienne Roy, Ben Oda, Dick Giordano, George PΓ©rez, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman
Today... The Terminator! Comic 1980-12
The Fearsome Five Comic 1981-01
Against All Friends! Comic 1981-02
Trigon Lives! Comic 1981-03
Last Kill! Comic 1981-04
Assault On Titans' Tower! Comic 1981-05
A Day In The Lives... Comic 1981-06
Like Puppets On A String! Comic 1981-07
Promethium Unbound! Comic 1981-08
When Titans Clash Comic 1981-09
Clash of the Titans Comic 1981-10
Friends and Foes Alike! Comic 1981-11
Revolution! Comic 1981-12
The Brotherhood of Evil Lives Again! Comic 1982-01
Starfire Unleashed! Comic 1982-02
The Possessing of Francis Kane! Comic 1982-03
The New Teen Titans #18 Comic 1982-04
The Light Fantastic! Comic 1982-05
The New Teen Titans #20 Comic 1982-06
Beware the Wrath of... Brother Blood! Comic 1982-07
Ashes to ashes! Comic 1982-08
Kidnapped! Comic 1982-09
Citadel strike! Comic 1982-10
War! Comic 1982-11
The New Teen Titans Annual #1 Comic 1982-11
Runaways Comic 1982-12
Battle! Comic 1983
Plague! Comic 1983
Runaways Part 2 Comic 1983-01
Terra in the night! Comic 1983-02
First blood Comic 1983-03
Nightmare! Comic 1983-04
Inferno! Comic 1983-05
Thunder and Lightning! Comic 1983-06
Who Killed Trident? Comic 1983-07
Endings . . . and Beginnings! Comic 1983-08
The New Teen Titans Annual #2 Comic 1983-09-07
Siege! Comic 1983-10
Feedback! Comic 1983-11
Light's out, everyone! Comic 1983-12
Who is Donna Troy? Comic 1984-01
Crossroads Comic 1984-02
Life blood! Comic 1984-03