Tales of the Teen Titans

Sequel of The New Teen Titans

This follows on directly from The New Teen Titans, continuing the numbering. Beginning with issue #59, Where Nightmares Begin! / Reunion!, the series contains only reprints of comics from other series featuring the Teen Titans.

The next Titans series is The New Teen Titans which started in 1984-08, running contemporaneously with this for a few issues.


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Baptism of Blood Comic 1984-01-12
The Judas Contract: Book One - The Eyes of Tara Markov! Comic 1984-02-09
The Judas Contract: Book Two - Betrayal! Comic 1984-03-15
The Judas Contract: Book Three - There Shall Come a Titan! Comic 1984-04-12
Final Conflict! Comic 1984-07-12
The Judas Contract: Book Four - Finale Comic 1984-07-18
H.I.V.E. Comic 1984-08-31
Showdown! Comic 1984-09-01
the Re-Combatants Comic 1984-11-01
Imbrolgio Comic 1984-11-08
The light that failed Comic 1984-12-01
Jericho's Story Comic 1985-01-03
Devil on the Wing! Comic 1985-01-03
We Are Gathered Here Today... Comic 1985-02-01
A: The End of Cyborg Comic 1985-06-06
Blind Justice! Comic 1985-06-30
Shades of Gray! Comic 1985-07-01
Victor Victorious! Comic 1985-07-04
Fearsome Five Minus One! Comic 1985-08-01
Where Nightmares Begin! / Reunion! Comic 1985-08-01
Shadows in the dark! Comic 1985-12-01
The Search for Raven Comic 1986-01-31
Souls as White as Heaven... as Black as Hell! Comic 1986-02-01
Titansmania Comic 1986-02-06
.. Torment! Comic 1986-03-01
The Terror of Trigon! Comic 1986-04-01
The Origin of Lilith! Comic 1986-06-01
There Might Be...Giants Comic 1986-07-01
Crystal Nightmare! Comic 1986-08-01
Love Story Comic 1986-09-01
Love Story Part 2 Comic 1986-10-01
Sins of the past Comic 1986-11-01
Crisis Comic 1986-12-31
The Light Within...The Dark Without! Comic 1987-01-31
This Road to War! Comic 1987-02-01
The Night Before... Comic 1987-03-01
For Better...For Worse! Comic 1987-04-01
Homecoming Comic 1987-05-01
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do! Comic 1987-06-01
Past Imperfect Comic 1987-07-01
On Top of the World Comic 1987-08-01
Revenge of the Rusting Reptile from Outer Space Comic 1987-09-01
Interlude, Part 1: Dick's Story Comic 1987-10-01
Loser Take All! Comic 1987-11-01
Hell is the Hybrid Comic 1987-12-01
Hell is the Hybrid Part 2 Comic 1988-01-01
Twister Shout Comic 1988-02-01
Revolution Comic 1988-02-09
The Brotherhood of Evil! Comic 1988-03-01
Resurrection Comic 1988-04-01
Revelation Comic 1988-05-01
Resolution Comic 1988-07-01