Type Comic
Date 1983-03
Tags fiction

First blood

The New Teen Titans #29 (1983-03)

The Brotherhood of Evil is coming from Zandia, having attacked Brother Blood's churches. Their goal, however, is not Blood: they intend to kidnap Raven.

Meanwhile, Robin is angry with himself. Why? Don't know. But he's overworking himself as a result. Says Donna: "You'll never be the Batman." and "You're trying to do it all, but you can't. I hate to let you in on this, pal--but you're only human. You've got to stop. Working with us, working alone, with the Batman, going to school... you've set yourself an impossible challenge."

Bethany Snow has some plan with Brother Blood involving the Titans "I've memorized all the information. They will believe me." she says.

Terra isn't getting along with anyone.

Frances Kane visits, now having some degree of control over her magnetic powers. She doesn't want to join the Titans: "I'm scared of these powers. I don't think I want them."

Just after this, the Brotherhood arrives to try to kidnap raven. The manage to get her body, but she separates her soul-self. Unluckily, Phobia gets to her and makes her see Wally as Trigon, and she attacks. Speedy and Frances drive off the Brotherhood, and Raven returns to herself, but the damage is done. Says Wally:

Sh-she was so cold... like death... like the dying... She--she wants to kill me. The hate... I saw her hate. I could touch it. I saw her... God, for the first time--I saw her...

Get away from me, Raven. Stay away! You would have killed me.


Fran: She's gone, but I don't think she knew what she was doing.

Wally: She knew, Fran--believe me. She knew! And more--she enjoyed it!