Type Comic
Date 1982-07
Tags fiction

Beware the Wrath of... Brother Blood!

The New Teen Titans #21 (1982-07)


"They're wrong, you know. The [sic] call baseball the great American pastime. Perhaps long ago in a more innocent age, it was--but no longer. America's newest pastime, indeed, the pastime for most of the world today is a far more brutal game in which there are no winners. The name of the game is--terrorism!"

Starfire is powered by the sun. I'm fairly sure I'm not learning this for the first time, but somehow I can't recall hearing it, before.

Raven's going to bring "the other titans", but who's left? Just Beast Boy and Cyborg, right? Hmm. Wonder if they'll be able to help. Oh, wait, Starfire isn't there yet, either. Okay, probably those will be enough.

This issue included a preview of The Night Force. Looks like it could be interesting.