Type Story
Date 1975
Pages 7

Cruelty is a Way of Life (Link)

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are captured on a planet where scientists are a hated group, systematically hunted and killed:

On this planet, scientists are . . . hated. This area is a sort of . . . reservation . . . for them. Any who are caught outside the area are killed, mercilessly, by a lynch mob. It is doubtful if the people of the planet remember why, now, but the cry of 'Havi!' is enough to rouse them - that is their name for the scientists, who are, of need, a heridatary group now. The scientists think the hatred is because they are blamed for the destruction caused by the war that destroyed the world's technology.

There, Spock is tortured by the head scientist, Medolla, and--apparently--blinded. Ultimately it turns out that it was a trick; Medolla was attempting to force them to cooperate so that his people could be evacuated to a new planet where they will not be persecuted.

Character Type
James T. Kirk Main
Leonard McCoy Main
Spock Main
Name Role
Sheila Clark Author


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