The items listed here contain some romance, but novels with this tag are not necessarily what you might call "romance novels"--just novels with romance. See A Natural History of the Romance Novel for more on that distinction.

Title Type Date Platform Names Characters Series
Variation On An Unoriginal Theme Story 1971-01 Barbara Wenk
Caring For Kasumi Fanfic 2004-04-08 HimuraAlucard Saotome Ranma, Tendou Kasumi
Twilight Book 2005-10-05 Stephenie Meyer
Touch Fanfic 2008-01-08 The Other Side of Darkness Saotome Ranma, Tendou Kasumi
Once You're a Jedi, You're a Jedi All the Way Story 2009 Cecil Castellucci, Holly Black
Lady Folbroke's Delicious Deception Book 2011-03-01 Christine Merrill
The Goblin King Book 2011-10-04 Shona Husk