Sometimes Even Reality Is a Lie! (Link)


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Sometimes Reality Tells Lies, Too Comic
I Go To The Arcade With My Gamer Friend (1) Comic
I Go To The Arcade With My Gamer Friend (2) Comic
I Go To The Arcade With My Gamer Friend (3) Comic
I Send My Gamer Friend Home (1) Comic
I Send My Gamer Friend Home (2) Comic
My Gamer Friend Massively Screws Up Comic
Voice Chatting With My Gamer Friend Comic
My Gamer Friend Forces Me To Cross-dress (1) Comic
My Gamer Friend Forces Me To Cross-dress (2) Comic
I go to a Hot Spring Resort with my Gamer Friend Comic
I Shop For Clothes With My Gamer Friend Comic
I Go to a Net Cafe with my Gamer Friend Comic
My Gamer Friend and a certain shark plushie Comic
My Gamer Friend’s parents are worried about her Comic
I Go on a Diet with my Gamer Friend Comic
I Get Chocolate From My Gamer Friend Comic
I go to a Collaboration Cafe with my Gamer Friend Comic
My Gamer Friend Gets Hit On Comic
I almost get separated from my gamer friend Comic
My Gamer Friend Becomes a (Temporary) Mother Comic
I End Up Touching My Gamer Friend’s Chest Comic
The story of Shimizu-san, a woman who’s wasted 80% of her twenties watching couples visit net cafes Comic
I get McDonalds with my gamer friend Comic
Inadvertently Becoming Conscious Of The Situation Comic
Shopping For Summer Clothes Comic
Sometimes Even Reality Is a Lie! #27 Comic
Sometimes Even Reality Is a Lie! #28 Comic
Sometimes Even Reality Is a Lie! #29 Comic
Sometimes Even Reality Is a Lie! #30 Comic
Sometimes Even Reality Is a Lie! #31 Comic
I buy glasses with my gamer friend Comic
"Kaori-chan" ① Comic
"Kaori-chan" ② Comic
Family and Food Comic
Father Comic
Her First Wig Comic
It Just Seems Natural Comic
Extra chapter Comic
I Figured You Must Like It Comic
Good Night and Thanks Comic
You'll Understand Someday Comic
Isn’t This Exciting? Comic
If Only I Hadn't Suggested It Comic
What Do You Mean "No Way"!? Comic
Friend from School Comic
How Do I Want Him to Feel About Me? Comic
Comiket 98 Extra Comic
Good Luck, Miruku-chan Comic
Don't Get The Wrong Idea!! Comic
You Like Him, Don't You? Comic
I Went All Out! Comic
What a Good Girl Comic
Honest Heart Comic
Is That All I Am to You!? Comic
Her "Offer Your Seat" Deck Is Too Weak! Comic
That Reminded Me of You Comic
It's up to You to Do It Comic
I Don't Mind Doing It For You Again Comic
Can I Touch You? Comic
Don’t Leave Me! Comic
Wanna Take a Shower? Comic
A Chill Down My Spine Comic
Do You Have a Sister or Something? Comic
An Act of God Comic
This Is Bad!! Comic
I Want to Be With You Comic
I Think I Like You Comic
I Don't Have To Hide Anything About Myself Comic
I Guess I Can Let You Off This Time Comic
So This Is His Type? Comic
Didn't You Learn That in School? Comic
Going to Your School Sounds Pretty Nice Comic
Life Is Like A Cup Of Tea Comic
Comiket Volume Comic
It's Going To Get Busy Comic
Pumpkins Don't Talk This Much! Comic
See You Tommorow Comic
Friends Comic
I'll Make Sure To Remember Comic
Everyone Has Things They Don't Like Comic
See You Later Comic
What's Your Favourite Food? Comic
I’ll Show You How To Use It Comic
Our Daughter Was Incredibly Excited Comic
I Brought Her to My House?!! Comic
What Should I Do...? Comic
I'm A Bit Worried, But... Comic
If You Say So. Comic
If I Feel Like It Comic
Good Night Comic
Mind if I Eat This Katsudon? Comic
Thank You For Always Being There Comic
Dumbass Comic
Things That Bring Us Joy As Parents Comic
Stretching The Definition Comic
I Used To Be Scared Of Boys Comic
Cooking Something Delicious Always Puts You In A Good Mood Comic
That's My Mom's Height Comic
It's Fine If You Don't Comic
I Won't Join One Either Comic
Favorite Drink Comic
Let's Apologize Together? Comic
It's Tomorrow Comic
It'd Be Nice If You Needed One Someday. Comic
This is Kind of Exciting Comic
You're Different! Comic
You Can Rely On Me Comic
You Actually Could Tell? Comic
Who Are They For? Comic
It Made Me Kinda Happy Comic
Welcome Home Comic
Just Like Kaori Was For Nanami Comic
Doujin #7 Comic
Not That We're Family Comic
I Wonder What It Said? Comic
New Year's Routine Comic
I’m Just Cold Comic
After That? Comic
Even If It Could Taste Better Comic
It's The Same After All Comic
Burglar!!! Comic
Not That I'd Ever Tell You That, Though Comic
He Also Received Just As Much From You. Comic
There's Nothing More Precious. Comic
It's Too Embarrassing. Comic
So Why'd You Bother Coming? Comic
One of These Days, Teach Me How. Comic
All-Star Cast of Clues Comic
You'd Better Take Responsibility! Comic
Are You Sure? Comic
Live a Nice, Slow Life Comic
You've Gotta Tell Us Comic
H-Honey? Comic
A Vital Part Of A Girls' Sleepover Comic
I Sleep Like a Baby. Comic
Everyone's So Restless Comic
My Heart Was Beating So Hard Comic
I Thought You Were Gonna Die Comic
Umm... Comic
So Prepare Yourself Comic
I Love Them All Comic
That's Cheating! Comic
Doujin #8 Comic
Seems Like It's Actually Pretty Easy Comic
There's Nothing More Reassuring Comic
I'll Support You Comic
I'm Also His Wife Comic
Teach Me Everything Comic
Because I Wanna Hold Hands Comic
What's Wrong With Kissing Someone You're Not... Comic
Nanami-chan is Dropping Frames Comic
I Told You, It's Not Lewd! / Mama's Iron Defense Comic
Take Responsibility! Comic
Am I Not Your Girlfriend? Comic
I Wanna Eat Katsudon Now! Comic
Let's Ride Together Comic
I Can't Handle This Either Comic
I Spaced Out A Bit And Remembered Comic
Did Your Heart Race? Comic
Guess I'll Go For A Walk Comic
Welcome Home, Dad Comic
For Your Own Sake Comic
That's Gotta Count For Something, Dad! Comic
Take Things At Your Own Pace Comic
There's No Such Thing As Telling Someone You Love Them Too Often Comic
That'd Make Anyone's Heart Race! Comic
Doujin #9 Comic
It'll Taste Even Better Comic
She Probably Got A Girlfriend Comic
Nanami Froze Comic
Are You Sure He's Not A Girl? Comic
Oops Comic
Please Keep It A Secret Comic
What I Want To Do Comic
I Haf An Idea Comic
It Means The World Comic
Wait, You Knew? Comic
Can I Try That? Comic
Doujin #10 Comic
I Have A Feeling Comic
Let's Make It The Best Memory Ever Comic
I Pass Pretty Well Comic
I Trust You Comic
Let's Move Forward, Dear Comic
And Yet... Comic
It's Your Choice Comic
Maybe I Should Tell Him Comic
Let Them Talk Comic
That Decision Isn't Mine, And It Isn't Yours Comic
I'll Protect Her! Comic
Please, Take Care Of My Daughter Comic
The One Who Protected That Room Comic
How'd You Realise? Comic
I Decided To Hide It Comic
Where Is She? Comic
I've Kept Making The Same Mistake! Comic
I Met Kaoru Comic
Do You Like Games? Comic
Whenever, Wherever Comic
You Too Comic
Why Are You Here? Comic
That's Just What Fathers Do Comic
Take Me With You Comic
Sitting In A Tree Comic
One Heck Of A Fishy Story Comic
A Dream Come True Comic
What Comes Next Is Obvious Comic