Type Book
Date 1986
Pages 377
Tags nonfiction, programming, retrocomputing, Commodore 64, 6502

Machine Language for the Commodore 64, 128, and Other Commodore Computers, Revised & Expanded Edition

This is a good book for someone interested in learning C64 (etc.) assembly language. If you want to actually write anything interesting, you'll need additional reference material (a ROM disassembly like What's really inside the Commodore 64, Fourth Edition is handy if you want to make use of built-in routines from BASIC, for example), but for getting you from zero to 'hello, world', this will do nicely.

Name Role
Jim Butterfield Author
Prentice Hall Press Publisher
Simon & Schuster, Inc. Publisher


Note to Readers vii
Preface ix
Introduction xiii
1: First Concepts 1
2: Controlling Output 23
3: Flags, Logic, and Input 39
4: Numbers, Arithmetic, and Subroutines 57
5: Address Modes 71
6: Linking BASIC and Machine Language 91
7: Stack, USR, Interrupt, and Wedge 111
8: Timing, Input/Output, and Conclusion 131
Appendix A: The 6502/6510/6509/7501/8500 Instruction Set 147
Appendix B: Some Characteristics of Commodore Machines 155
Appendix C: Memory Maps 167
Appendix D: Character Sets 241
Appendix E: Exercises for Alternative Commodore Machines 251
Appendix F: Floating Point Representation 277
Appendix G: Uncrashing 279
Appendix H: Supermon Instructions 283
Appendix I: IA Chip Information 293
Appendix J: Disk User's Guide 357
Glossary 365
Index 371