Type Story
Date 1976-12-15
Tags original characters, pon farr

Time of a New Beginning

A Vulcan woman, T'Irayne, does not wish to be married, and fights for her freedom. A rather different perspective on pon farr than the usual.

"My daughter, do not dispute your heritage. You will feel differently once you and Skor are married--once you have resumed the bonding you knew as children. You are about to participate in an entirely new experience."

"Mother," she said flatly, "I am about to be raped by a madman."

In the end, the two decide to get to know one another better, with the possibility that they will choose to be married, in the future.

As Spock with Kirk, so too does T'Irayne bring her close friend and captain, Mary Jane Watkins (captain of the U.S.S. Hood), to the ceremony.

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Jean Lorrah Author


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