Jean Lorrah

Source Date Type Role
On the Origin of Humanoid Life in Our Galaxy 1968-04 Essay Author
Visit to a Weird Planet 1968-09 Story Author
Crank Letter 1969-04 Story Author
Ray Bradbury and the A.T.&T. 1971-01 Essay Author
The Night of the Twin Moons 1976-04 Book Author
The Logic of Chance 1976-05 Story Author
Full Moon Rising 1976-11 Book Author
Time of a New Beginning 1976-12-15 Story Author
Epilogue Part I 1977 Book Author
Epilogue Part II 1978-04 Book Author
The Vulcan Academy Murders 1984-11 Book Author
The IDIC Epidemic 1988-02 Book Author
Survivors 1989-01 Book Author
Metamorphosis 1990-03 Book Author