Type Periodical
Pages 83
Series Poison Pen Press (14)

Masiform D #3

Masiform D #3 (1973-09)

The editorial laments the irregular pace of their output, announces that a 250-copy run of Spockanalia 3 has been printed (and so is available for purchase), mentions the cons, and briefly discusses the animated series. It urges people to write in support of the animation (and in favor of a good time slot!). It also plugs "Louis Zocchi's STAR TREK Battle Manual game" which, due to legal troubles, was replaced by an "Alien Space Game".

Also advertises: Grup, T-Negative, Tabebuian.

Index entries

Term Location
fanon 20–21
Star Trek, James Blish, fannish opinion of 28
Name Role
Deborah Langsam Editor
Devra Michele Langsam Editor


Formazine, and other irritating substances 5
Chemistry Songs 8
Fan Writing Panel; or, Don't Make Him Say That! 9
Even More Illogical Verses 37
Word search 38
The Secret Life of Monica Miller 39
"...and divided we fall" 43
Partial Translation of Expanded Outlines for Instructors at the Vulcan Academy 44
Eleanor Arnason's Farewell to the Five Boroughs 45
A further fiendish puzzle 46
Sleepwalker's World by Gordon Dickson 48
Training the Teacher 51
Answers to the fiendish puzzle 53
Further Songs of Collinsport 54
Lady Lilane and the Green Churl 55
I Remember 64
Lines We'd Like to Hear 65
Ads 66
Another Episode 67
Beginning 68
Witchcraft 81
Warning 82
Graffiti 84


Relation Sources
  • Eridani Triad 3 (1972)
  • The Holy Quail (1973-09-01)