Type Story
Date 1973-09
Tags comedy

The Secret Life of Monica Miller

Monica Miller daydreams in the tradition of Walter Mitty:

Dr. Monica Miller, astro-biologist, walked resolutely into Dr. Roddenberry's office, without knocking. "All right, sir, what is so important that you simply must take me away from my Martian septipig in the act of its rare, once every seven year reproduction?"

Dr. Sturgeon, who had been trying to get Miller to like him, turned from the desk. "Here she is, Miss Amonica! Hello, Sweety!" he mumbled, approaching her.

Miss Miller, a fifteenth degree diamond belt in Martian judo, flung him aside, lightly. "You are needed in the element room," she said to the shaken Sturgeon. "My specialists are in demand of five grams each of Monium, Millium, Millicanium, and Monericam. Also," she added, "you will find a small vial in my office, on my desk. It is my newest element, number 109, Monicalium. Please inform the President of its existence."

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Monica Miller Author


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Inspired by
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1939-03-18)