Type Periodical
Date 1967-09
Pages 90
Series Garlic Press/Poison Pen Press/Amanita Press [fanlore] (1, 25, 29, 53, 64, 78)


Spockanalia #1 (1967-09-01)

This first issue of Spockanalia opens with a letter from Leonard Nimoy and includes a number of articles speculating on Trek, several songs and poems, a few pieces of fiction.

Name Role
Devra Michele Langsam Editor
Sherna Comerford Editor


Letter from Leonard Nimoy to Devra Langsam and Sherna Comerford, 1967-06-22 7
The Territory of Rigel 8
Off the Top; a Bulletin and Editorial 10
A Most Illogical Song 12
Physiologica Vulcanensis 14
A Proposed Model of the Vulcan Heart 21
To a Vulcan 24
Also to a Vulcan 25
The Vulcan Gambit 26
Vulcan Psychology 28
Spock Shock 38
Vulcans and Emotions 43
Kirk and Spock 46
'S Blood 47
Thoughts on Vulcan Culture 48
Excerpt from The Young Vulcan's Handbook of Emotional Control 55
Record Review 58
Star Drek 62
Acknowledgments 89


Relation Sources
  • Star Trek Concordance of People, Places and Things (1969)
  • Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space (1967-06)