Type Essay
Date 1967-09
Tags in-universe nonfiction

Thoughts on Vulcan Culture

Speculates on Vulcan culture. Langsam argues that Vulcan children must be raised in small family units and that they probably have no family names, and wonders how Vulcan children might be trained. She speculates on whether Vulcans, who are immune to the effects of alcohol, might have some other sort of drugs which do have an effect. Amusingly, she echoes some speculation mentioned in Physiologica Vulcanensis: "Those who support the theory of feline Vulcan ancestry have suggested that catnip might have an invigorating, not to say intoxicating, effect upon them."

A recurring theme in fan fiction comes up when Langsam writes about mind melds:

And yet, one wonders. Perhaps, despite its unpleasant aspects, the mind-touch technique offers Vulcans a possibility of emotional contact within accepted social patterns. Assuming that Vulcans do not repress their pleasure in the physical, is it possible that in the moment of intercourse, at the height of physical intimacy, Vulcans permit their precious barriers to slip, in order to enjoy the doubled pleasure of mind and body, of each other's delight?

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Devra Michele Langsam Author


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