Type Episode
Date 1993-03-29

Starship Mine

Star Trek: The Next Generation 6x18

The Enterprise has been evacuated to allow a procedure to remove baryons that have built up on the ship during warp travel. Just before the (deadly) baryon sweep is scheduled to begin, Picard returns to the ship to retrieve his saddle. There, he finds a group of people attempting to steal trilithium resin, a byproduct of the warp drive, which could only be used as a weapon. Picard assumes they are terrorists, but comes to understand that they are merely thieves–arms dealers.

They play cat and mouse in the abandoned and powered-down Enterprise, moving forward to keep ahead of the baryon sweep. Finally, Picard ends up in a fistfight with Kelsey, the leader (and last living member of their group, incidentally). Kelsey escapes with the trilithium resin, but not before Picard has disabled a crucial safety component, so her ship is destroyed as she tries to make her getaway. At the last moment, Picard is able to call the station and have them halt the baryon sweep.

It's just an action show, really. It's fun enough, though there's nothing very Trek-like about it.

Character TypeName
Jean-Luc Picard MainPatrick Stewart
Calvin Hutchinson SubDavid Spielberg
Data SubBrent Spiner
Devor SubTim Russ
Kelsey SubMarie Marshall
Orton SubGlenn Morshower
William T. Riker SubJonathan Frakes
Kiros AppearancePatricia Tallman
Neil AppearanceTom Nibley
Pomet AppearanceAlan Altshuld
Satler AppearanceTim deZarn
Name RoleCharacter
Alan Altshuld Actor
Brent Spiner Actor
Cliff Bole Director
    David Spielberg Actor
    Glenn Morshower Actor
    Jonathan Frakes Actor
    Marie Marshall Actor
    Morgan Gendel Author
      Patricia Tallman Actor
      Patrick Stewart Actor
      Tim Russ Actor
      Tim deZarn Actor
      Tom Nibley Actor