Type Game
Date 1990-11-21
  • Nintendo Super Famicom
Tags platformer, Project: platformers [todo]

Super Mario World


I love this game so much. Played it for way too many hours over the years, including a big stretch of just exploring while using the game genie to give me invincibility and super jump. Incredibly good game.

Don't know when I first completed it. Some time in the nineties, I guess. I've completed it several times, over the years, including some time in late 2010--I've got a note in my game journal from 2010-11-14 that I completed the game 'a couple of weeks ago'.

I have a goal checklist.

Character Type
Luigi Mario Main
Mario Mario Main
Yoshi Main
Bowser (King Koopa) Sub
Iggy Koopa Sub
Larry Koopa Sub
Lemmy Koopa Sub
Ludwig von Koopa Sub
Morton Koopa Jr. Sub
Roy Koopa Sub
Wendy O. Koopa Sub
Princess Peach Appearance
Name Role
Nintendo Co., Ltd. Developer / Publisher


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