Type Episode
Date 1967-03-09

The Devil in the Dark

Star Trek: The Original Series 1x25

Fontana recalls:

The costume guy who did a lot of creatures for us came to the studio and said, 'I have to show you this new creature,' and it was this kind of lumpy thing that was orange and misshapen and it was real low to the ground. He put a rubber chicken out in front of the thing. He climbed inside this suit and on his hands and knees he brought this creature over the chicken and the chicken disappeared. After he passed over it, some bones appeared out the back. Gene said, 'I've got to find a way to use that,' and he came up with the Horta.

Name Role
Gene L. Coon Author
Joseph Pevney Director


Relation Sources
Adapted by
  • Star Trek 4 (1971-07)
  • Star Trek: The Devil in the Dark (1978-07)