Type Episode
Date 1967-03-02

This Side of Paradise

Star Trek: The Original Series 1x24

The author, Jerry Sohl, says:

The premise of the thing was that everyone on the Enterprise takes LSD. What would happen? In effect, that's what this was. They go down to the planet and they all get the spores in them and turn into different people.

Fontana adds:

We always played Bill, at least back then, as the man whose real love affair was with his ship. He was a dedicated officer and a man who really did want to go down to the sea in ships. In this case it was a sea of stars. That ship was truly his love.

Character TypeName
Elias Sandoval NoneFrank Overton
Leila Kalomi MainJill Ireland
Spock MainLeonard Nimoy
Name RoleCharacter
D.C. Fontana Author / Screenwriter
    Frank Overton Actor
    Jill Ireland Actor
    Leonard Nimoy Actor
    Nathan Butler Author
      Ralph Senensky Director


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