D.C. Fontana

Begin Date 1939-03-25
Type Female
Source Date Type Role
Charlie X 1966-09-15 Episode Screenwriter
Tomorrow Is Yesterday 1967-01-26 Episode Author
This Side of Paradise 1967-03-02 Episode Author / Screenwriter
Journey to Babel 1967-11-17 Episode Author
Friday's Child 1967-12-01 Episode Author
By Any Other Name 1968-02-23 Episode Screenwriter
The Ultimate Computer 1968-03-08 Episode Screenwriter
The Enterprise Incident 1968-09-27 Episode Author
That Which Survives 1969-01-24 Episode Author (as Michael Richards)
The Way to Eden 1969-02-21 Episode Author (as Michael Richards)
Yesteryear 1973-09-15 Episode Author
The Questor Tapes 1974-10 Book Author
Encounter at Farpoint 1987-09-28 Episode Author
The Naked Now 1987-10-05 Episode Author (as J. Michael Bingham) / Screenwriter (as J. Michael Bingham)
Lonely Among Us 1987-11-02 Episode Screenwriter
Too Short a Season 1988-02-08 Episode Screenwriter
Heart of Glory 1988-03-21 Episode Author
Vulcan's Glory 1989-02 Book Author
Dax 1993-02-14 Episode Screenwriter
To Serve All My Days 2006-11-23 Episode Author
William Shatner Presents: Chaos on the Bridge 2014-08-25 Movie Interviewee