Type Comic
Date 2011-08-31
Tags fiction

Justice League, Part One

Justice League #1 (2011-10)

Batman, not popular with the police, is fighting some creature which has planted a bomb elsewhere. A Green Lantern (Hal Jordan, if I'm not mistaken) shows up, expressing surprise that Batman is real (and, later, that he is an ordinary man in a bat costume). GL shows himself to be powerful but is not entirely successful in his attempts (and Batman is able to steal his ring from off his finger). The creature Batman was fighting was, apparently, of extraterrestrial origin, so GL figures that makes it his jurisdiction, though Batman disagrees. Ultimately, having planted some device like a computer, the creature blows itself up in an attempt to kill the two heroes, crying "For Darkseid!"

The two head for Metropolis to question Superman, who is believed to be an alien. GL is overly-confident in his abilities, and Superman immediately shows him the error of his ways. Next: Batman vs. Superman.

Name Role
Alex Sinclair Colorist
Geoff Johns Author
Jim Lee Penciller
Scott Williams Inker