Justice League

2011, New 52
Parent series The New 52


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Justice League, Part One Comic 2011-08-31 Alex Sinclair, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Scott Williams
Justice League, Part Two Comic 2011-10-19
Justice League, Part Three Comic 2011-11-16 Geoff Johns, Jim Lee
Justice League, Part Four Comic 2011-12-21 Geoff Johns, Jim Lee
Justice League, Part Five Comic 2012-01-25
Justice League, Part Six; Pandora Comic 2012-02-29
The Villain's Journey, Prologue; The Curse of SHAZAM, Part 1 Comic 2012-03-21
Justice League Team-Up: Green Arrow; The Curse of SHAZAM, Part 2 Comic 2012-04-18
The Villain's Journey, Chapter One: The Call for Adventure; The Curse of SHAZAM, Part 3 Comic 2012-05-16
The Villain's Journey, Chapter Two: The Belly of the Beast; The Curse of SHAZAM, Part 4 Comic 2012-06-27
The Villain’s Journey, Chapter 3: Atonement; The Curse of SHAZAM, Part 5 Comic 2012-07-18
The Villain’s Journey, Chapter 4: Rescue from Within Comic 2012-08-29
Shazam!; Questions Comic 2012-09-19
The Secret of the Cheetah, Part One; On the Outs Comic 2012-10-17
The Secret of the Cheetah, Chapter Two; Shazam!, Chapter Seven Comic 2012-11-21
Throne of Atlantis, Chapter One; Shazam, Chapter 8 Comic 2012-12-26
Throne of Atlantis, Chapter Three: Friends and Enemies; Shazam! Chapter 9 Comic 2013-01-23
Throne of Atlantis, Chapter Five Comic 2013-02-20
The Grid; Shazam! Chapter 10 Comic 2013-03-20
Prologue to Trinity War, Chapter One: War Games; Shazam! Chapter 11 Comic 2013-04-17
Prologue to Trinity War, Chapter Two: Secrets; Shazam! Chapter 12 Comic 2013-05-22
Shazam! Conclusion Comic 2013-06-26
Trinity War, Chapter One: The Death Card Comic 2013-07-10
Trinity War, Chapter Six: Conclusion Comic 2013-08-28
Apotheosis Comic 2013-09-04
The Last Paycheck Comic 2013-09-11
Dial Q For Qued Comic 2013-09-18
The Wild Card Comic 2013-09-25
Forever Strong Comic 2013-10-23
Forever Lost Comic 2013-12-11
Forever Numb Comic 2013-12-24
Forever Doomed Comic 2014-01-22
Forever Worthy Comic 2014-02-19
Forever Heroes Comic 2014-04-16
Injustice League, Chapter One: Kicking Down Doors Comic 2014-05-21
Injustice League, Chapter Two: Power Players Comic 2014-06-25
Injustice League, Chapter Three: Birth Comic 2014-07-30
Injustice League, Chapter 4: Puppet Strings Comic 2014-09-03
Injustice League, Epilogue: Unlikely Allies Comic 2014-10-01
The Amazo Virus, Prologue: The Outbreak Comic 2014-10-15
The Amazo Virus, Chapter One: Quarentined Comic 2014-11-19
The Amazo Virus, Chapter Two: Patient Zero Comic 2014-12-17
The Amazo Virus, Chapter Three: The Secret Comic 2015-01-21
The Amazo Virus, Chapter Four: the Infected Comic 2015-02-18
Darkseid War, Prologue Comic 2015-04-29
Darkseid War Chapter One: God vs. Man Comic 2015-06-03
Darkseid War, Chapter Two: The New God Comic 2015-07-15
Darkseid War, Chapter Three: Taken Comic 2015-08-19
Darkseid War, Chapter Four: The Death of Darkseid Comic 2015-09-30
Darkseid War Act Two: After Death Chapter 1 Comic 2015-10-21
Darkseid War Act Two: After Death Chapter 2 Comic 2015-12-16
Darkseid War Act Three: Gods of Justice Chapter 1 Comic 2015-12-30
Darkseid War Act Three: Gods of Justice Chapter 2: Crime Pays Comic 2016-02-24
Darkseid War Chapter 9: Power Mad Comic 2016-04-27
Darkseid War Conclusion: Death and Rebirth Comic 2016-05-25
First Impressions Comic 2016-06-15
That Which You Manifest is Before You Comic 2016-06-22